What is good to eat when you are busy but have a fever?



I think some of you had the experience that you have a fever but you are too busy to go to see a doctor or cook a nourishing food.

Don’t you think it’s very helpful if you can easily eat something with rich nutrition for making yourself recover?


Today, I pick up some foods which is perfect for you to eat when you are busy but have a fever.


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1. Foods to bring down fever


When you have a fever, it’s necessary to take more Vitamin C to reduce fever.

Here, I pick up four foods which enable you to easily take it.


– Cucumber

A row cucumber has a role to reduce fever and cool your body.


– Bitter gourd

It also works well to reduce fever, as a cucumber does.

Though the taste is very bitter, it has antipyretic actions and rich vitamins.


– Orange

Maybe many people give orange as the answer when they are asked about the fruit with rich vitamin C.

It’s also good for cooling your body when you have fever.


– Strawberry

It’s also known as a food with rich vitamin C.


Please remember, vitamin C is easily passed out of the body, so you need to take it more vitamin C consciously.




2. What is good to eat when you have a fever and feel a chill?


When you have a high fever and feel a chill, it’s good to eat ①something warm, ②a liquid food, and ③ something easy to digest.


I recommend the following foods.


– Porridge

It’s one of the ideal foods to eat when you have a fever.

It’s warm, soft and kind to your digestive system!

In addition, you can easily find various boil-in porridge at a supermarket, which makes you easy to have it.


– Udon

When you have a cold and eat Udon noodles, you have to eat a warm one.

Noodle stew or Kakitama udon is highly recommended.

Even though they are warm, udon noodles with much spice and oil are not good to eat when you have a fever, because they are strong and may give a bad effect on your digestive system.


– Soup

Soup is a perfect food to make yourself warm when you have a cold.

When you feel too sick to cook a soup, a ready-to-eat soup is enough!


– Simmered whitefish

Do you know that whitefish is very kind to your stomach?

Not only it’s easy to digest but also it has rich protein and salt that is passed out of your body with sweat.

With ginger, it’ a perfect food to eat when you feel a chill!


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3.  What is good to drink when you have a fever?


You sweat more when you have a fever.

So, you need more to drink than you usually do.

I recommend several drinks which have a good effect on you.


– Water at room-temperature

You may feel like drinking cold water, but water at room-temperature is preferable to cold one, for not to making your body cold.


– Isotonic drink

When you have a fever and sweat a lot, isotonic drink works really well.

However, you have to consider that it contains much sugar.

Drinking it too much may ruin your health in a different way!


– Energy drink

It’s a good choice to drink energy drink for the purpose of receiving enough nutrients.

When you would like to have some energy drinks, you should choose those without caffeine and alcohol.


It’s good to refrain from tea for diuretic effect, which may cause dehydration.

When you feel you are dehydrated and very thirsty, oral re-hydration solution may work better than any other drinks mentioned above.



4. Make an effective use of a convenience store!


Most of the foods mentioned above can be bought at a convenience store, indeed!

For example, most convenience stores have a boil-in porridge, a ready-to-eat soup and udon noodle.

Only heating it up, it’s ready to eat!


A rice ball is also a convenient food when you feel sick.

Pouring hot grean tea, it becomes ochazuke, and it’s also delicious to put it into an instant soup.


When you feel too sick to eat anything, you may feel easy to eat ice cream and jelly.

In fact, ice cream is an appropriate food when you have a fever.

In particular, ice cream with vanilla flavor is made with not many foods (e.g. eggs, milk and sugar), which make it easy to take nutrition.

When you eat jelly, one with fruits will give you vitamin C, which is essential when you have a fever.



How was it?

You may feel anxious when you have a fever.

Keeping in mind the foods mentioned above, get recovered as soon as possible!

I hope it helps you someday!




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