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  2. What an astonishing statue! The Golden Saint Aldebaran Statue, 210m height, is completed for ‘Saint Seiya 30th Anniversary Exhibition’

What an astonishing statue! The Golden Saint Aldebaran Statue, 210m height, is completed for ‘Saint Seiya 30th Anniversary Exhibition’

‘Saint Seiya 30th Anniversary Exhibition; Complete Works of Saint Seiya’ will be open on 18th – 29th June in Akihabara UDX. Then one of the twelve Golden Saints which are loss leaders of this event is recently completed, which is ‘Taurus Aldebaran’.

Source: http://image.eiga.k-img.com/images/anime/news/102701/photo/7c12cf6efe9cc084/640.jpg?1465198377

The famous comic, ‘Saint Seiya’ written by Masami Kurumada, started publishing serially from December 1985 on ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’. It describes the battle between Seiya and other boys who wear armors called ‘Cloth’ coming from Greek myth and the Zodiac.


This statue is the biggest, 210m height, among all statues, which is exhibited initiatively at HMV La-La Port Fujimi until 12th June. The golden statue of Gemini Saga which was showed at ‘Anime Japan 2016’ on March is also exhibited at HMV & BOOKS TOKYO until the same day. Seven statues, Leo Aiolia, Virgo Shaka, Scorpio Milo, Sagittarius Aiolos and Aquarius Camus, have already finished, and the rest, Aries Mu, Cancer Deathmask, Capricorn Shura and Pisces Aphrodite will be accomplished soon.

From Left, Alderaban and Saga

Source: http://image.eiga.k-img.com/images/anime/news/102701/photo/b787b2b22c403df6/160.jpg?1465198340

This event’s ticket costs 1,300 yen in advance in Lawson. A ticket with the exclusive color figures of ‘Saint Cloth Myth’ is also prepared at 8,000 yen. Further, a door ticket is 1,500 yen and a visitor who is in middle school can discount 500 yen. For elementary school students, it costs free.

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