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Share your experiences with “Facebook 360 photos”!

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Have you already heard the news that Facebook releases “Facebook 360 photos“?

It has been approximately 10 years since it had allowed users to share photos on it, which is now one of the most popular ways to share your experiences with friends on the Internet.

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Now, on the Internet, Facebook’s new photo service makes it possible to be more absorbed in experiences that other people have.

Refer to the site: http://dime.jp/genre/263468/1/

It’s very easy to use this system.

Just take a panoramic photo by smartphone or some application to take it, and upload what you take on Facebook.

Facebook automatically change your panoramic photos into what makes you feel you are now at the place where they were taken.

The icon of 360 photos is the top right on a screen, thus it’s easy to find. By phone, you just need to tap and drag the photos, or move your smartphone to see them. On a computer, just click and drag them to enjoy.

Just several clicks and drags enable you to share impressing experiences with friends as if they are now experiencing with you through the photos.


Imagine, how would you feel if your favorite singers uploaded 360 photos on Facebook? If NASA would post photos taken at the International Space Station? You would be so excited!

Refer to the site: http://dime.jp/genre/263468/1/


If you have a Samsung’s smartphone compatible with Samsung Gear VR,  not only on News Feed, but also by it  you can enjoy being absorbed in  a virtual world created by Facebook 360 Photos!

Click “View in VR” placed on the top left of a panoramic photo, then you can experience the photo!

Don’t forget to download the latest Facebook application on your smartphone to enjoy these photos!

(For those who see these photos on PC, there is nothing special to do.)


Now, we can expect more panoramic photos with higher quality will be shared on Facebook.

How is it?

Let’s share your experiences with “Facebook 360 photo”!

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