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Useful cosmetics sold in Japanese 100 YEN shop

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You must check cosmetics at 100 YEN shop (dollar shop)

These days, Japanese 100 YEN shop expanding overseas. Especially DAISO the one of famous ship enhanced to expand.
Now, we can buy anything that we can use on daily life. Only one coin, you can buy what you want.

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Variation of a lot of cosmetics.

When you inter to 100 YEN shop, you will be able to find cosmetics corner.
Face powder, eye liner pencil, lip stick, and so on. Only one coin, you can enjoy your daily life with them.
By the way, what kind of cosmetics are popular in overseas?
In Arabian countries, most of women wearing black clothes covering face except eyes which called chador or burqa.
Their fashion under this clothes are very gorgeous and they make up eye makeup with ardor because only eyes are exposed. So, they tend to show them more mysterious and beautiful with cosmetics, and eager to challenge new cosmetics.

daiso eyeliner
gel type dasiso

Eye liner pencil that sold in Seria and DAISO


source: http://www.weddingpark.net/magazine/4413/

Eyebrow template is very useful

To use Japanese 100 YEN shop, they can choose suitable eye cosmetics.
Recently, there are very useful item to write eyebrow. To use this template, everyone can write eyebrow well.
During Islamic woman this item is must handed and very popular.
Put it on your eyebrow, and then only tracing. If you use this item, no need to take time with writing your eyebrow.
If you have interested in, you must check and go to cosmetic corner in 100 YEN shop.



source: http://100yen-happy.net/100yenshop/meets/mayuge/


Now days, Japanese 100 YEN shop expanding and you may buy these products in your country. But buying in Japan is reasonable price. Because if you buy it in other countries, they including import duties, therefore price is not so cheap compare to Japanese one. If you want to change your eye make up more cheaply, let try to use items sold in 100 YEN shop. You may find your favorite item and, that will makes you satisfied.

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