How to Enjoy the Best Travel Destination of Japan in July -Sumida Fireworks festival-

If you come to Japan in July, why don’t you joining Japanese traditional festivals? July is the greatest time to enjoy Japanese traditional festivals called “matsuri(祭り)” There are many festivals in Tokyo. This time I pick up Sumida River Fireworks festival and I will tell you how to make the most of your chance to join Sumida River Fireworks festival. It will make your experience in Japan fabulous!

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1.Be Ready for Too Much Crowded Area.

2.Decide Where to Watch Fireworks


1.Be Ready for Too Much Crowded Areas.

According to an official site, almost a million people will come to the festival. Let’s imagine such number of people come to one place. If you want to stroll in crowded areas, I recommend you two things: always keep your water during the festival and go toilet when you find it, because the season around the date is quite humid every year and you don’t have to feel embarrassed to seek and wait long lines for the toilets when you are in dire need of it.


2. Decide Where to Watch Fireworks


If you want to watch fireworks with comfort environment to avoid any confusion, you can find some hotels which offer some rooms for fireworks.

Hotel Hoka club Asakusa

Hotel MyStays Asakusa

These hotels has some rooms where you can watch fireworks.

*Before you book a room, it is better for you to contact each hotel whether you can book the room enables you to watch fireworks.

APA hotel Asakuramae

Every guest can enjoy fireworks while one takes an outdoor bath.

Hotel Kuramae

Rooftop of the building is open during the event for guest.


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As I mention above, many many people come to the festival every year but it proves the festival is one of the most fascinating destinations for every tourist. When I joined the event few years ago, I saw a lot of foreign tourists. Your next destination in Japan should be Sumida River Fireworks Festival!


Detail Information about Sumida River Fireworks Festival

Date: 2016 30th July
Time: 7:05PM-8:30PM
Location:The first venue
Around a place between downstream of Sakura bridge and upper stream of Kototoi bridge
Near stations: Asakusa station, Tokyo Sky Tree Station, Hikifune station and so on.

ph_kaijyo_1 (Cited from the official site)
The second venue
Around a place between downstream of Komagata bridge and upper stream of Umaya bridge
Near station: Asakusa station, Kuramae station, Tokyo Sky Tree station and so on.

ph_kaijyo_2 (Cited from the official site)

Reference: Official site

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