Cute Animal Café in Tokyo

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Healing Power of animals

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Animal cafés have become popular also in Japan, not only cat cafes.

There are both arguments for and against these animal café.

For the person who cannot keep pets but wants to interact with animals, animal café is the place making their wishes come true.

Today, We’d like to introduce you some animal cafes in Japan.


1.CatCafe Temarinoouchi

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This cat café has widely been covered in the mass media , such as TV Asahi , TV Tokyo, and magazines. Once you see the decoration inside the café, you will forget the busyness outside.

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More than 15 cats are inside, and it is pleasurable that many of them are friendly. They make us feel happy. So recommending !


[address] Musashi Forum Ⅲ 3F, 2-13-14 Kichijojihonmachi, Musashino City,Tokyo

[access] 5minutes walk from JR Chuo-Honsen Kichijoji

[open time] 10:00~21:00

[regular holiday] open all year round


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This bunny café is where we can interact with some bunnys and hedgehogs.

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It’s very rare that having not only bunnys, but also hedgehogs. And, if you fell in love with one among them, you can welcome him or her to your home as a family.

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cute hedgehog


[address] 6-7-2 Roppongi, Minatoku, Tokyo

[access] short walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya line Roppongi station

[open time] (Weekday) 14:00~22:00 (Saturday, Sunday) 12:00~21:00

[regular holiday] Monday (if it’s National holiday, the next day)


※price is not including shooting fee or snack charge.




3.Kotori Café Omotesando

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Kotori Café is a very cosy place designed with white, For bird lovers, It’s so delightful spot. Birds are bred inside the glassed-in room , so you need not anxious about the smell or bird droppings.

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We can move freely inside the café , Of course, we can touch them.

Tableware, sweets, goods, interior are unified in the birds. Lovely birds are waiting for you.


[address] 6-3-7 Minamiaoyama, Minatoku, Tokyo

[access] 9minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza line, Chiyoda line, Hanzomon line Omotesando station

[open time]11:00~20:00 (open all year round)





4.Inu no Jikan

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This dog café is carried on in a private house. It is very popular that is covered in mass media. These friendly dogs are all kept by the owner. They must make you feel better. So lovely !


[address] 2-34-7 Kitaootsuka, Toshimaku, Tokyo

[access] 3minutes walk from Todenarakawa line Sugamoshinden station

[open time] 11:00~20:00

[regular holiday] irregular holidays




5.Sakuragaoka Café

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Inside this lovely café, two goats are kept as a pet. Their name is Sakura and Chocolat. Antique furnitures are arranged inside the café.

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There are various kinds of menu. You will relax.

So cute goats are waiting for you !




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There are various kins of animal café in Japan. In addition, there are squirrel café, snake café , raptores café, and so on. If you come to Japan, let’s drop in at these cafes.

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