“ Matcha Parfait in a square container “ is now the topic ! Let’s go to Ginza !

Do you know “ Matcha Parfait in a square container “ ? We can actually taste this Matcha Parfait in Ginza, Tokyo following Kyoto and Kamakura. Now, let me show you this Matcha Parfait that shines outstandingly on SNS. Let’s check it out !

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Modeled after Japanese garden

Refer to this site: http://eunsil.hatenablog.com/entry/2017/01/18/102319

This is “ Sabou Parfait – Japanese Garden style – “(1,100 yen). I could never imagine this is apparently a parfait. The top of this sweets is covered with white chocolate and Matcha green powder is much sprinkled on it.


Refer to this site: https://twitter.com/ohamaayaka/status/817970847507947520/photo/1

There are Mascarpone cheese, boiled astringent skin of chestnut, warabimochi, and pearl chocolate, etc. inside. The fruit on the top changes from time to time. Strawberry, chestnut, or kumquat is beautifully dished up.

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Smooth and Elegant taste


Refer to this site: http://eunsil.hatenablog.com/entry/2017/01/18/102319

It is fun to keep eating like a treasure hunt ! It’s a very smooth and elegant taste. You can taste this luxury Matcha parfait like a tiramisu at SALON GINZA SABOU on the second basement floor at Tokyu Plaza Ginza. Enjoy the creamy texture !


(access) 2minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line/ Marunouchi Line/ Hibiya Line Ginza station
(URL) http://salon.adametrope.com/sabou/



Refer to this site: http://ameblo.jp/m-izumin/entry-12242092552.html

The impressive design of this Matcha parfait is like a Karesansui (dry landscape) that is famous for Japanese garden. Matcha parfait in a square container is so popular that it is covered by TV. Why don’t you try this tasteful sweets in Ginza nearer than Kyoto and Kamakura ?

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