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  2. New sensation ! Japanese lovely sweets, “Tai-parfait”

New sensation ! Japanese lovely sweets, “Tai-parfait”

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  1. A fusion of Japanese and Western is in the middle of a fad
  2. Also popular in Asia
  3. Standard Japanese taste, “Matcha red bean paste”
  4. Lovely strawberry and banana Tai-parfait
  5. Sweet maron taste
  6. A collaboration with cremia softcream
  7. Summary
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Delicious and beautiful sweets makes us feel better. Recently, Tai-parfait, a fish-shaped Japanese pancake parfait, is very popular domestically ,and also in Asia.Today, we’d like to introduce you this lovely sweets !


A fusion of Japanese and Western is in the middle of a fad

和と洋の融合 鯛パフェ
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In Kanto area, there are two shops in Yokohama and Makuhari(Chiba). Tai-parfait also advances overseas. This new sensational sweets, a fusion of Japanese and Western has become a boom on the SNS now.

【shop information】

Yokohama World Porters

(address) 2-2-1, Shinko, Yokohama city ,Kanagawa

(access) 5minutes walk from Minatomirai station

(open time) 11:00~21:00


Kaihin Makuhari (Prena Makuhari)

(address) Prena Makuhari 1F, 2-4, Hibino, Mihamaku, Chiba city, Chiba

(access) 5minutes walk from JR Keiyo Line Kaihin Makuhari station



Also popular in Asia

Refer to this site:http://www.tabitabi-taipei.com/more/2015/0122/index.php

Tai-parfait is a sweets harmonizing Japanese and Western. It is in the middle of a fad even in another Asian countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Jakarta. One of the reason why Tai-parfait has become a boom is the high-impact visual. Its humorous appearance seems to win hearts and minds of people.


Standard Japanese taste, “Matcha red bean paste”

鯛パフェ 抹茶あんこ
Refer to this site:http://entabe.jp/news/article/3302

Matcha is now gathering a great deal of attention overseas. You can enjoy matcha ice cream and red bean paste. That’s the Japanese taste !

Lovely strawberry and banana Tai-parfait

鯛パフェ イチゴ
Refer to this site:http://sweetsguide.jp/sweetsguide/detail/index/id/42131/tab/3/

鯛パフェ バナナ
Refer to this site:http://sweetsguide.jp/sweetsguide/detail/index/id/42130/

Fruits Tai-parfait menus such as strawberry and banana are popular. Not only the taste, but also the lovely appearance is one of the reason. Besides these fruits Tai-parfait, a soybean flour and brown sugar syrup gelato Tai-parfait is inside the menus.

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Sweet maron taste

鯛パフェ マロン
Refer to this site:http://sweetsguide.jp/sweetsguide/detail/index/id/42130/

Mild sweet maron taste Tai-parfait is also recommended. It’s appropriate for autumn season !

A collaboration with cremia softcream

鯛パフェ クレミアとのコラボ
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How wonderful collaboration it is with cremia softcream ! Cremia softcream is also very popular because it’s awesome. Enjoy the harmony of Taiyaki and rich cremia icecream.


Refer to this site:http://yukosing.exblog.jp/tags/Bugis%20%E3%83%96%E3%82%AE%E3%82%B9/

You would be attracted after eating Tai-parfait once.  The warmth and  coldness  is  a  perfect combination.  Let’s try a new sensational Japanese  sweets !


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