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The local udon noodles best10 all over Japan

 2016/09/28 Japanese Food   79 Views

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Now, udon is one of the Japanese soul foods. This lovable food derives from China so long ago. There are various kinds of shape and recipe of udon, and we can eat so many local udon in Japan. Today, we’d like to introduce you the local udon noodles all over Japan.


Inaniwa Udon (Akita)

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Inaniwa Udon is one of the three major Japanese Udon, and it is also the representative of Akita udon. The working process of Inaniwa Udon is all manufactured by hands. The characteristic of Inaniwa Udon is thin noodles.


Morioka Jajamen (Iwate)

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Morioka Jajamen is also popular udon noodles in Japan. Jajamen was born about 50years ago. It was what the Jajyanmen of China was arranged. Now, Jajamen is said to be the soul food of Morioka. The characteristic of Morioka Jajamen is to eat mixing the special meat miso together with the entire of Jajamen.


Houtou (Yamanashi)

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Houtou is famous for the local cuisine of Yamanashi. It was selected as the hundred selection of rural, local cuisine in 2007. This miso-based food is attracting so many people.


Mimiudon (Tochigi)

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Mimi Udon is the local cuisine of Sano city, Tochigi. The characteristic of Mimi Udon is the shape of the noodle. It’s like an ear of human beings ! This dark shouyu taste udon is also the good luck food for New Year’s Day.


Himokawa Udon (Gunma)

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Have you ever seen such a wide noodle like this ? Himokawa Udon is the one handed down from Kiryu region, Gunma. Gunma is a leading production center of wheat, and its history is old. In order to eat deliciously, carry the noodles folded to your mouth.


Kishimen (Aichi)

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Kishimen is a little wide and flat noodles that often seen in Nagoya area. Enjoy the harmony of chewy noodles and soup with sweet sake(mirin) and soy sauce, dried bonito.


Ise Udon (Mie)

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Ise Udon is the specialty of Ise. It’s very exquisite taste of tamari soy sauce and shouyu soup. It is characteristic that the noodles of Ise Udon are soft and extremely thick. The thickness is twice or three times as much as that of Sanuki Udon.


Sanuki Udon (Kagawa)

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Sanuki Udon is also one of the three major Japanese Udon. There are about 700 specialty shops of Sanuki Udon inside Kagawa prefecture ! If you visit Kagawa, you can enjoy this local specialty’s taste at reasonable price.


Kitsune Udon (Osaka)

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Kitsune Udon is said to have been born in Osaka over 100years ago. It started from the udon noodle shop ”Matsubaya” in Osaka. Kitsune means “fox”. Aburaage on the udon noodles looks like a fox. At first, the aburaage was served as a service in Matsubaya. A guest started to eat the aburaage on the udon, and it was highly praised. Thus, Kitsune Udon was born.


Hakata Udon (Fukuoka)

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Hakata is said to be the place of introduction of udon. It was a monk in the 13th century that is said to have brought udon to Hakata. The biggest characteristic of Hakata Udon is the noodles. The soft and weak noodles are used in Hakata Udon. The soup is made from kelp and dried sardine, light soy sauce. “Goboten Udon”(the udon using tempura of a burdock) is also recommended !



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Since the udon was brought from China to Japan, it has been loved by Japanese so much. So, you can enjoy various kinds of udon all over Japan. If you have time to visit Japan, we recommend you to eat delicious udon once.



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