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These are Japanese popular snack during tourist

 2016/08/14 Japanese Food   29 Views

These are Japanese popular snack during tourist

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High quality snack

Recently, we often can see tourist from oversea, especially China, buy many Japanese snack. In Kyoto, sometimes we look sales staff who is exchange student from other country to study Japanese. They are working at drug store, super market and so on as interpreter of Chinese or other native tongue.

It is said that Japanese snack is not only delicious also high quality. If you buy same snack in Japan, you will be surprised because Japanese snack is not too sweaty and not sticky.




What kind of snack is popular during tourist?

During tourist, matcha taste snack is very popular. Matcha means one of Japanese green tea that taste is sweat but bitter little bit.

At first, most of tourist from oversea say “What a bitter taste is it!! I cannot accept this taste.” But they are addicted to this taste because as I already mentioned, Japanese snack is not too sweaty. And matcha is bitter little bitter, therefore this combination is very suitable.



Pocky is very popular snack in Japan. Basic pocky is most famous, but you can try seasonal limited version too.

Source: http://www.pocky.jp/products/index.html

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These are sold at limited area like airport.

Source: http://www.pocky.jp/products/index.html

You can enjoy many flavor.

KitKat also very famous. It is not origin from Japan, but now days Japanese Nestle produce many kind of flavor of KitKat.

Now, it is said that produced KitKat in Japan is over 200 flavors. It including that only seasonable limited version, and limited in area as souvenir. But, you can choose rare flavor at convenience store, super market, and drug store. These day, drug store deal with snack for tourist, and we often see many matcha taste KitKat are sold at there. In addition to, you can buy them very cheaply at drugs store.


Source: http://nestle.jp/brand/kit/product/


Source: http://www.all-nationz.com/archives/1012964765.html


If you are planning to come to Japan as trip, it is better to check Japanese snack. Because these are not so expensive, so you can give them to your friend and coworker as little souvenir. They will like it surely and, might to addicted to Japanese snack. Particularly in Kyoto, matcha taste is very popular and you can see plenty of “Green color package” that show matcha taste.

Let try to eat them as memorable trip!

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