Restaurant Sumile in Osaka


Are you looking for great Italian restaurant in Osaka?

Do you have any plan to go out this weekend with your girls or your boyfriend?


Sumile is a best restaurant you should go in Osaka and you are going to love it!!

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1 Origin of Sumile



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First Restaurant Sumile was opened in New York.

The name of the restaurant “Sumile” stands for Sumire, which means violet in Japanese and also stands for smile as well.


Sumile in NY mainly used to serve Japanese and French fusion cuisine.

Now, Sumile in Osaka serves Italian cuisine.



2 About Owner


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The owner of Sumile is Miwa Yoshida, vocal of very famous Japanese pop group, “Dreams Come True”.

“Dreams come true” started their works in 1989. The members are vocal, Miwa Yoshida and base, Masato Nakamura. They released bunch of hit songs. Their music is popular with various people and everyone like their music. There is no one who doesn’t know this great band in Japan.

They are still working on new songs about every year.


Miwa Yoshida is also works as solo singer. Sumire is symbol flower of her first album, “beauty and harmony” as well.

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3 Attraction of Sumile



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Restaurant is inside ”Nakanoshima Love Central” building and it is located riverside, so the view from the restaurant is very special. This building is surrounded by nature. There are also the terrace seats. People could enjoy sky, gardens, and water while they staying here.



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Course menus are main and very good deal both during lunch and dinnertime. They also have a la carte Menu as well.




Name: Sumile

Address: 2-1-18 Nishitenman Kita-ku, Osaka city, Osaka, Japan

Tel: 06- 6362-1000

Business Hours: 11:00 – 23:00

Official Website:



The restaurant Sumile is good for get together with girls night out, wedding’s after party, and some events, such as birthday. And also, there is also Sumile Tokyo too!

Please experience great Italian cuisine in Japan!!


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