Best Turkish restaurants in Osaka Top3

Have you ever tried Turkish cuisine in Japan?

You don’t have to go to Turkey! You could enjoy the authentic taste in Japan!!

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1 Nazar



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The owner of the Nazar, Hakan Celik started interested in food when he was 9. Surprisingly, he started training at the restaurant in his hometown, Erzincan when he turned to 11. He used to have his own restaurant in Turkey and he came to Japan to start his restaurant. Now he has two restaurants in Osaka. He is also a main chef of Nazar.


Nazar serve only Halal food. There are all you can drink set other than regular menus.


You can enjoy Hookah after 21:00 as well!!




Name: Nazar

Address: Matsumura building (Europe street) 1-16-13 Higashi Shinsaibashi Chuo-ku Osaka, Japan

Tel: 06-6282-0030

Business Hours: 【Lunch】open only on Sat, Sun, and holidays from 12:00【Dinner】open everyday from 17:30

Official Website:





2 Alpino


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The concept of the Alpino is friendly and homelike atmosphere.

The chef and owner of this restaurant is Alper Ayten from Turkey.

Alpino offers not only Turkey cuisine but also Italian as well.

There are some Italian pizzas and Turkish pizzas you could take out from 850yen.


Name: Alpino

Address: 21-13 Nagaikecyo Abeno-ku Osaka, Japan

Tel: 06-6622-7160

Business Hours: 18:00 – 23:00

Official Website:



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3 Arapsun


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You could enjoy real taste at Arapsun because the gvernment of Turkey officially recognizes chef here!


Here at Arapsun you could enjoy their signature menu, many different tastes of great Kebab foods.


There are some other great menus of course. Please check them!



Name: Arapsun

Address: 1-33 Shinden Higashihonmachi Daito-city, Osaka, Japan

Tel: 072-871-0440

Business Hours: 【Lunch】11:00 – 15:00

                         【Dinner】18:00 – 23:00

Closed on Mondays

Official Website:




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If you came from Turkey and seeking to have a great Turkish cuisine in Japan those places are where you should go!


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