Recommended One Coin Lunch in Umeda, Osaka

Osaka is a city that has flourished in food culture. There are various kinds of food restaurants boasting a good taste and reasonable price in this city. Now, let me show you some recommended one coin lunch restaurants in Umeda, Osaka. Let’s check it out !

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Tontontei is a popular restaurant specializing in pork such as ginger-fried pork, tonteki, and pork rice bowl. Small pork rice bowl is 520yen. The sauce of pork rice bowl is homemade of the restaurant and it’s very appetizing menu.


(access) 3minutes walk from JR Kitashinchi station/subway Higashi Umeda station/Hanshin Umeda station
(URL) (gurunavi)


Kuimonoya Kuishinbou

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This cafeteria is a strange shop because the opening time and regular holidays are unknown. But it’s popular among business people. We can eat weekly bowls (500yen) and fried chicken set (500yen) at surprisingly reasonable price.

【Kuimonoya Kuishinbou】

(access) 3minutes walk from Hankyu Umeda station
(URL) (yahoo !loco)


Nagagutsu Meat

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Nagagutsu Meat is an Italian bar where we can enjoy meat tapas such as beef fillet and raw ham at low price of 280yen. Authentic hashed beef lunch used Japanese black beef is only 500yen ! Besides that, refill of rice and large helping of rice is free !

【Nagagutsu Meat】

(access) 5minutes from subway Tanimachi Line Higashi Umeda station
(URL) (Hot Pepper)


Minmin Sonezakiten

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You can enjoy Genghis Khan set meal for 520yen at Minmin Sonezakiten. Gyoza dumpling is a soul food for Osaka people. Let’s eat a reasonable set meal with high cost performance.

【Minmin Sonezakiten】

(access) 2minutes walk from subway Tanimachi Line Higashi Umeda station

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Himono Yarou

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Himono Yarou is a rare restaurant specialize in dried fish by ash. If using ash, we can taste without fish odor. At lunch time, set meal is the main menu and “ Dried saury set meal seasoned with mirin “ is 590yen.

【Himono Yarou】

(access) 2minutes walk from subway Tanimachi Line Higashi Umeda station
(URL) (Gurunavi)


Koshitsu Washoku Chiku-chikuya

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The contents of one coin lunch at Chiku-chikuya is cutlet bowl, rice, miso soup, and pickles. That comes to 500yen. You will surely be satisfied with this set meal.

【Koshitsu Washoku Chiku-chikuya】

(access) 1minute walk from JR Osaka station Sakurabashi exit
(URL) (Gurunavi)



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Bejiya is a Korean restaurant that serves 500yen daily set meal. You are free to have a second helping of rice and side dish. It’s almost non-oil, so we recommend it also for those who suffer from diabetes.


(access) 1minute walk from Kintetsu/Hanshin Nanba station
(URL) (Retty)



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The one coin lunch of these restaurants are all reasonable and good taste, so it’s nonsense to say “ 500 yen lunch is not good “. It’s natural recently that the lunch is voluminous and with a good service. Let’s try to eat these reasonable one coin lunch !

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