How to Eat Tempura? Here is the Correct Way!



Do you know there is a correct procedure to eat tempura to enjoy them better?


Unbelievably, tastes of tempura changed by just how you eat.


I would like you to know the correct way to eat tempura and taste true tastes of them! Because those are much more delicious!!!


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Correct Order to Eat Tempura


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1 If you are served tempura with tempura sauce and salt, ask server which one he or she recommends.


2 if you order assorted tempura, take tempura from in front and try not to break the dish up as much as possible.


3 Take tempura on your plate, and then if you think you cannot eat with one bite, cut it in small pieces.


4 if you cannot eat tail of shrimp, wrap the tail with paper and separate body and tail with chopsticks, and then eat only body part.


5 When you leave shrimp tail and edge of Shishito Pepper, gather them on the side of your plate and put a new paper on them to hide.


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Best Way to Taste Tempura


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I explained earlier that eat tempura from in front and try not to break the dish up as much as possible. Do you know why? It is because usually there are taste bland tempuras in front and more strong taste tempuras in the back. You could taste tempura’s flavor better by eating strong taste later.




How to Put the Tempura Sauce


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Tempura sauce usually comes with grated radish and grated gingers.

You could choose whatever you would like to put.

I recommend putting some radish after you eat some and add some gingers later. That way you could enjoy the changes of the tastes.


Dump tempura into the tempura sauce and take sauce plate on your left hand and put sauce about 1/3 of tempura. Please eat it before it gets soft from sauce.




How to Put the Tempura Salt


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I recommend not putting tempura on salt plate because tempura gets too salty if you do so. I recommend putting salt on tempura!


If it comes with sliced lemon, squeeze lemon juice putting left hand to prevent the juice goes into your eyes and others.


Kinds of Tempura


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As you see, vegetable tempura and shrimp tempura are popular. There are egg plants, pumpkins, mushrooms, green peppers, asparaguses, sweet potatoes, and lotus roots etc. 





Now, you are a professional of eating tempura!!


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