A masterpiece of Sapporo miso ramen that makes itself popular across the country!


Do you like ramen?


These days, ramen is being more popular not only in Japan but also in a lot of countries, and more and more ramen shops open in many parts of the world.

Hokkaido, located in the northern part of Japan, is one of the hotspots for ramen, and there are four cities which are famous for it: Sapporo, Asahikawa, Hakodate, and Kushiro.

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Among those, Sapporo ramen is very popular in all parts of Japan, for its rich miso flavor, stir-fried vegetables on it, and pork bone soup.


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Anyway, who pushed Sapporo ramen into Japanese ramen market and made it popular around the country?

The answer is, a ramen shop named “Sumire (すみれ),” located in Nakanoshima, Sapporo city.


Refer to the site: http://news.walkerplus.com/article/89830/


Some people say that miso ramen served by Sumire is a masterpiece of Sapporo miso ramen.


Deep and rich soup.
Good flavor of home-made lard.
Good firmness of curly noodles.


These characteristics make new customers surprised for the first time they put the ramen into their mouth, for a deep, rich and unforgettable taste.
And regular customers re-realize it’s the taste of Sapporo miso ramen each time they come to Sumire and eat a bowl of ramen.



The ramen shop is not located closed to a station, and you may have a difficulty to find it for the first time you visit there.


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However, when you come closer to the shop, you may see there’re a lot of cars on a parking area.

Since it’s widely known around the country, people not only in Hokkaido but also from other parts of Japan come to the shop to try the best Sapporo ramen.


Refer to the site: http://news.walkerplus.com/article/89830/


He is Mr. Muranaka, the founder of the ramen shop.

Actually, Sumire was established in 1989, and it doesn’t have a long history as a famous ramen shop compared with competitors in Hokkaido.


Sumire has been making a great contribution toward ramen culture in Hokkaido.

It’s because chefs who learned the essence of Sapporo miso ramen in Sumire graduated from the shop and had their own ramen shops, many of which are becoming popular in Hokkaido.

They still have been making every effort enthusiastically to improve their ramen, which results in the bustling market of Sapporo ramen.


In this way, Sumire can be said the best shop of Sapporo miso ramen!




How was it?

It’s true that Hokkaido offers you uncountable choices of foods, but ramen in Sumire is a must-eat ramen for those who are interested in ramen.

Feel the essence of Sapporo miso ramen at Sumire!

Hope you like it!

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