Recommended buffet restaurants in Hokkaido

Have you ever tried Hokkaido gourmet?If you say “ No “, I strongly recommend you to eat once. Fortunately, the price of buffet in Hokkaido is generally reasonable. It’s a pity that I can’t give you all information about Hokkaido buffets, but let me introduce you some nice buffet restaurants of Hokkaido gourmet. Let‘s check it out !

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Yakiniku Genghis Khan Jinjin

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Yakiniku Genghis Khan Jinjin is a few restaurant in Sapporo that serves seasoned Genghis Khan. You can enjoy rich menu of Genghis Khan lunch buffet (60minutes) for 1,000yen !

The buffet menu includes lamb, chicken, pork, and vegetables. If you pay more 100yen, rice or ramen will come along. The price of 75minutes’ dinner buffet is 1,390yen.

【Yakiniku Genghis Khan Jinjin】
(address) Fuji Heights 1F, Minami 11 jo nishi, Chuoku, Sapporo city, Hokkaido
(access) 2minutes walk from Sapporo city tram Nakajima Koen station


Robata Bangoya Fukuya

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Robata Bangoya Fukuya is a casual cafeteria under the direct management of seafood wholesaler.

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You can enjoy boiled crab buffet (60minutes) for 1,080yen such as hairy crab, snow crab ! There are also a seafood rice bowl and other fresh marine products.

【Robata Bangoya Fukuya】
(address) 326-7, Kashiwagicho, Eniwa city, Hokkaido
(access) 4minutes ride (by taxi) from JR Chitose Line Megumino station

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Saijiki Sapporo Stellar Placeten

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This restaurant serves 60 kinds of body-friendly natural foods rich in vegetables produced in Hokkaido, chicken, and beans without using chemical seasonings and additives as much as possible. You can enjoy the original taste of foodstuffs used Chia Seeds! The price range of lunch buffet is between 1,399yen and 1,499yen, and the one of dinner buffet is between 1,899yen and 1,999yen.

【Saijiki Sapporo Stellar Placeten】
(address) Stellaplace Center 6F, Kitagojo-nishi 2chome, Chuoku, Sapporo city, Hokkaido
(access) 1minute walk from JR Hakodate Honsen Sapporo station


Viking restaurant La Veranda Apa Hotel Sapporo Susukinoeki Nishi

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Viking restaurant La Veranda is a creative cuisine restaurant used plenty of local ingredients. 50 kinds of unlimited lunch buffet for 1,100yen~1,300yen is so attractive !
The Apa President’s Curry and fresh tomato caprese are especially recommended.

【Viking restaurant La Veranda Apa Hotel Sapporo Susukinoeki Nishi】
(address) 1-1,Minami 4jo-nishi 7chome, Chuoku, Sapporo city, Hokkaido
(access) 5minutes walk from subway Susukino station


Otaru Unga Shokudo

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Otaru Unga Shokudo is registered as a historic building along with Otaru Canal. When you go inside, you can feel full of retro atmosphere in the early Showa Period.

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In the demonstration kitchen, you can enjoy a wide variety of Japanese and Western cuisines, salads and sweets that used grilled dishes, broiled dishes, Hokkaido nama-zushi, Hokkaido ingredients abundantly. The lunch buffet is 1,836yen, and the 90 minutes’ dinner buffet, used 80 kinds of ingredients, is from 1,944yen to 5,000yen.

【Otaru Unga Shokudo】
(address) 6-5, Minatomachi, Otaru city, Hokkaido
(access) 10minutes walk from JR Otaru station


Terrace Brasserie

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This is an ocean view restaurant that we can enjoy the scenery of Otaru Port Marina. It’s superb not only the daytime view but also the dinner time view !

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They provide a gorgeous breakfast buffet, lunch buffet (1,700yen~1,900yen), and dinner time buffet (3,980yen) with drink bar. It’s popular because of the rich menu centering on Italian and Chinese dishes. Please look forward to the Christmas dinner buffet and the year-end family buffet, too.

【Terrace Brasserie】
(address) Grand Park Otaru 2F, 11-3, Chikko, Otaru city, Hokkaido
(access) 5minutes walk from JR Hakodate Honsen Otaru Chikko station


Restaurant Rose Hakodate

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Restaurant Rose Hakodate has Japanese and Western style buffets, breakfast (1,296yen), lunch (1,500yen), and dinner (2,500yen). The dinner buffet is only on weekends (Fri./Sat./Sun.). You can enjoy healthy vegetables, baked breads, and in the breakfast buffet, squid sashimi or pork miso soup etc. that are unique to Hakodate !

【Restaurant Rose Hakodate】
(address) 27-1, Honcho, Hakodate city, Hokkaido
(access) 10minutes ride (by taxi) from JR Hakodate station


La Vista Hakodate Bay

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Breakfast buffet here is very popular, which is famous for rich northern seafoods, and it was ranked first place in the“ Delicious hotel best 20 of breakfast “ of Trip Advisor in 2011 and 2012 consecutively. This breakfast buffet is limited only for the hotel guests of La Vista Hakodate Bay.

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The menu of buffet is about 60 kinds. Japanese and Western-style side dishes used mainly local ingredients produced in Hakodate are arranged. No.1 special project of this restaurant is “ Self-service Seafood Bowl “.

You can enjoy the night view of the bay area here. A Red Brick Warehouse and Mt. Hakodateyama can be seen depending on the location.

【La Vista Hakodate Bay】
(address)12-6, Toyokawacho, Hakodate city, Hokkaido
(access) 15minutes walk from JR Hakodate station



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Hokkaido, having a magnificent nature, is a land blessed with foodstuffs such as seafood, meat, vegetables, and dairy products. It can be said “ the continent of food “. This time, I couldn’t find the buffets of Hokkaido ramen, Obihiro Butadon, Zangi unique to Hokkaido, but you will be able to enjoy buffets of gorgeous seafoods, vegetables, livestock products, and sushi. You will regret if you haven’t had the Hokkaido foodstuffs ever before. Let’s try once!

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