Recommended buffet restaurants in Kyoto

Yes, this time is the Kyoto version ! When it comes to Kyoto gourmet, obanzai (Kyoto-style home cooking), Kyoto pickles, and Chasoba(tea noodles) etc. are famous.
I checked up the buffets that you can enjoy Kyoto this time. Now, let me show you some recommended buffet restaurants in Kyoto. Let’s check it out !

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Miyakoyasai Kamo Kyoto Suizokukanmaeten

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This restaurant is very near the Kyoto Aquarium and also within walking distance from JR Kyoto station. They serve a reasonable buffet menu (breakfast 500yen, lunch 890~900yen ,dinner 1,370yen) with plenty of Kyoto-made vegetables grown by farmers in Kyoto and Kyoto style home cooking, obanzai.

【Miyakoyasai Kamo Kyoto Suizokukanmaeten】
(address)12F, 439, Kaminocho, Kizuyabashi Agaru, Omiya-Dori, Shimogyoku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
(access) 13minutes from JR Kyoto station


Kyoto Kitayama Dining Kyototen

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Kyoto Kitayama Dining Kyototen is a popular restaurant providing lunch buffet(1,796yen) and dinner buffet(2,033yen). The menu of buffet is the sophisticated taste’s obanzai in which Kyoto vegetables are fully used.

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You can also enjoy sweets ! Matcha and milk chocolate fondue is the only service limited in Kyoto Honten.

【Kyoto Kitayama Dining Kyototen】
(address)Aeon Mall Kyoto 4F, 1, Nishikujo Toriiguchicho, Minamiku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
(access) 4minutes walk from Kyoto station Hachijo exit

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Kyoto Kotokoto

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This restaurant is directly connected to the Kyoto station, so in a very accessible place. The price range of lunch and dinner buffet is between 1,100yen and 8,000yen.

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In this restaurant, there is a lunch buffet of daily special obanzai, and you can eat a set meal with obanzai at dinner time, including bowl of rice and grilled beef. It’s so reasonable, isn’t it?

【Kyoto Kotokoto】
(address)Kyoto station building The CUBE 1F, 901, Higashi Shiokojicho, Karasuma-Dori Shiokoji Sagaru, Shimogyoku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
(access)1 minute walk from JR Kyoto station



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You can enjoy a daily special buffet(2,000yen~2,100yen +tax) with non-chemical and organic vegetables on weekends.

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Speaking of Kyoto, you should eat soba ! If you order obanzai lunch buffet with a little soba and rice (free refiil ), it’s 2,100 yen. Fried rice cake soba is recommended. Don’t miss the rich variety of soba !

(address)8-4, Okazakisaishojicho, Sakyoku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
(access) 10minutes walk from subway Tozai Line Higashiyama station


Kyoto Rokujouan Tensho

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A different aspect of Kyoto Rokujouan Tensho from other restaurants is that you can enjoy matcha sweets by take-out or in a cafe. There is a 70minutes’ lunch buffet(1,980yen+tax) and a 90minutes’ dinner buffet(2,550yen+tax). They serve safe and secure obanzai buffets of Kyoto vegetables with delicious sweets, chasoba and rice. Another matcha sweets menu is also excellent.

【Kyoto Rokujouan Tensho】
(address)5, Uji Renge, Uji city, Kyoto
(access) 2minutes walk from Keihan Uji station/ 5minutes walk from JR Uji station


Matsutomiya Kotobuki

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Matsutomiya Kotobuki is a lovely Japanese style restaurant full of Japanese taste. It’s a different point that you need to enter the restaurant after taking off your shoes, there are seats on the second floor where you can see the Japanese garden or autumn colors in the fall.

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Organic vegetables and dishes sticking to domestic seasonings without additives are also safe for children. They serve with a feeling that they’d like you to eat something good for your body easily. A free refill obanzai lunch buffet is 1,300yen~1,600yen ! Dinner buffet is from 2,500yen.

【Matsutomiya Kotobuki】
(address)87, Tsuchiyacho, Sanjo-Dori, Yanagibaba Sagaru, Nakagyoku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
(access) 7minutes walk from Kyoto Shiyakusho (city hall)mae station


Akoya Chaya

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Akoya Chaya is a Japanese style restaurant near Kiyomizudera temple, and provides a ochazuke buffet of Kyoto pickles, unique to Kyoto.

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Fortunately, the time of this buffet is unlimited ! You can enjoy 20 kinds of pickles and 3kinds of rice. It also has miso soup and Japanese confectionery, monaka.

【Akoya Chaya】
(address)3-343,Kiyomizu, Higashiyamaku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
(access) 15minutes walk from Keihan Honsen Gion Shijo station




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Is there any buffet which you like?One of the recommended points of Kyoto buffet is the atmosphere of Japan. Let’s taste not only Kyoto foods, but also something peculiar to Kyoto !

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