Why carbohydrate diet is dangerous? The right way to do carbohydrate diet.


On the one hand, as many people succeeded in losing their weight by carbohydrate diet, it has been gathering more attention to reduce to take carbohydrates in meals.


However, on the other, a lot of people argue that they got out of condition for the diet, or it’s not effective.


Today, I’m going to tell you the reason why carbohydrate diet may do harm to your health, and the right way to try carbohydrate diet.



1. Why carbohydrate diet is dangerous?



If you continue carbohydrate diet in a wrong way, as some researches reveal, you have dizziness, a decrease in concentration, or muscle weakness.


Human works his body using carbohydrate contained in a food as energy.

When human body has less carbohydrate, it uses fat as energy instead of carbohydrate, to make the body work properly.


To summarize, the way carbohydrate diet works is; (1) to have less carbohydrate, (2) to have less source of energy, (3) to burn fat to sustain the function of body, and then (4) to have less fat in body.


However, here is a point that many of dieters misunderstand; the total amount of calories you need per day extremely decreases, if you only concentrate on reducing the amount of carbohydrate.


When the amount of carbohydrate and fat is insufficient in your body, it starts to use muscle as a source of energy for sustaining body function.

As a result, the amount of muscle deceases.

This is the reason why some people experience to have weakened muscles, and feel difficult to go up stairs.


Importantly, brain can’t use fat as energy, so having insufficient carbohydrate causes less concentration, for a brain in a state of less energy.

However, a substance called Ketone bodies are generated in body as an alternative energy in order to make brain work properly.

Some researches show that Ketone bodies, on the one hand, have a positive effect on brain, but on the other, hurt blood vessels.

It has not yet been determined how Ketone bodies affect human body when they are generated.


Now, you know why doing carbohydrate diet in a wrong way do you harm.

I’m focusing on the correct ways to do carbohydrate diet in the following section.



2. The correct ways to do carbohydrate diet



The most important points of carbohydrate diet is; (1) to reduce the amount of carbohydrate, and (2) to increase the amount of protein and fat.


The essence is to cover the shortfall of calories caused by taking less carbohydrate.


Some examples to do carbohydrate diet is;


* to take a quarter or a half of foods containing carbohydrate, such as, rice

* to take meat, fishes, beans and foods with rich fiber more than usual

* to plan meals that make you feel full and satisfied


Meat and fishes, containing rich protein and fat, stimulate satiety center in your brain, which makes you feel full and satisfied more easily.

Different from protein and fat, a substance that makes you feel hungry is secreted after taking carbohydrate.


Though carbohydrate drives you into eating more, you must not dramatically reduce carbohydrate, as you already know.

So, for those who want to reduce its amount, it’s nice to change a rice bowl into a smaller one.

If you love to drink alcohol, I recommend shochu(a Japanese traditional alcohol) or whiskey, which contain less carbohydrate.

Beer contains carbohydrate, so choose one without carbohydrate.




How was it?

It’s nice not strictly prohibit the intake of carbohydrate for your health, when you try to do carbohydrate diet.

It couldn’t be better if you do carbohydrate diet without hurting your mind and body.


I hope you have a good result!