Wanna eat unique local foods in Tokushima prefecture? Try unique Tokushima ramen at Todai!



Do you like ramen?

We can say that ramen is a national food for Japanese, and also is gaining popularity in some countries these days.

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How many local ramen are there in Japan?

Well, in fact, it’s very difficult to specify the number of local ramen, but Japan has more 80 local ramen, some of which have been already very famous and popular, and some haven’t been widely known.


Among local ramen, one which is gathering people’s attention is Tokushima ramen (徳島ラーメン), served by Todai (東大).

A TV show introduced the ramen, and it has been more popular since then.


Today, I’m going to introduce the ramen shop Todai, and the characteristics of Tokushima ramen.




* What is Tokushima ramen about?


Refer to the site: http://guide.travel.co.jp/article/22341/


There are several unique characteristics of Tokushima ramen; thin straight noodles, pork broth soy sauce soup, simmered pork back ribs, and so on.
In particular, a raw egg topped on ramen is what makes people surprised when they try Tokushima ramen for the first time.


In fact, there are three types of Tokushima ramen, and a raw egg goes well with the rich soup of the ramen served in Todai, and this is one of the biggest factors that the ramen in Todai gets a larger following.




* Free raw eggs!


Refer to the site: http://guide.travel.co.jp/article/22341/


The good news is that raw eggs in Todai are free!

You can find them easily because they’re on each table, so you can try whenever you want.


I recommend that you should put a raw egg on ramen when you eat about half of the ramen.

It’s nice that you enjoy seeing how the taste of ramen changes before and after putting one.


If you don’t like a raw egg, you can order a cooked egg, thus just ask a shop clerk.


Refer to the site: http://guide.travel.co.jp/article/22341/


Having raw eggs means that you can eat Tamagokake-gohan, rice with raw egg!

Raw eggs are free, and you can eat as many as you want!

If you would like one, just order a bowl of rice.

In fact, the ramen shop has soy sauce for Tamagokake-gohan on each table.

It’s like that the ramen shop encourages us to eat TKG!


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* Sudachi and gyoza


Refer to the site: http://guide.travel.co.jp/article/22341/


It’s not uncommon that people order gyoza, meat-and-vegetable dumplings.

However, it’s unique that dumplings are served with sudachi, a type of citrus.


In fact, sudachi is a famous local product in Tokushima prefecture, and people love to eat foods with it.

Not only a grilled fish but also sashimi, chilled tofu, miso soup and some alcohol are served with sudachi.


It’s nice to eat foods as local people do!




* Where is the ramen shop?


Refer to the site: http://guide.travel.co.jp/article/22341/


Todai has several shops in western Japan.

Most shops open at 11:00 and close late at night.


Because of the growing popularity of Tokushima ramen, shops in Tokushima might be crowded during lunch and dinner time.

You can find the address of each shop on this site.





How was it?
People regard ramen in Todai as a standard of Tokushima ramen, so it’s nice to try to eat it, when you have a trouble to decide what to eat when you go around Tokushima.


Hope you like it!

For more information, visit the site.



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