Must-see spots in refurbished Kyoto City Zoo!


Some of you may think that it’s nice to visit a good sightseeing spot other than temples and shrines in Kyoto.

Here, I have a good piece of advice: Kyoto City Zoo (京都市動物園)!


Kyoto City Zoo, the second oldest zoo in Japan, finished it refurbishment in autumn of 2015, and it became cozier than before!

With displays which enable visitors see animal life more easily, places where they can come closer to animals, more cafes and restaurants and so on, the zoo offers us a lot of fun.


Today, I’m going to introduce must-see spots in the refurbished zoo!


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* Come closer to elephants!


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The elephant area of the zoo is one of the most recommended spots, because you can take a closer look at elephants in Kyoto City Zoo than before!

Usually when you see elephants in a zoo, there is a distance between you and elephants, with a moat and railings.


However, this elephant area doesn’t have a moat.

Instead, there are stone pillars and wire, and several garden trees between you and elephants, which makes us think that elephants come closer to us.

The area has a little pool, and sometimes you can see them enjoying bathing.


The zoo has four little elephants from Laos, and every day they play together very actively.

Laos gave them to Japan for the collaborating project of breeding elephant, which is carried out as a symbol of the friendship between Laos and Japan,



* “Iku-men” gorilla famous during lunch time


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Gorillas in the zoo are usually gentle and don’t move actively.

However, when they find foods put on a ceiling, they quickly and energetically climb up a rope to the ceiling.

It’s like that we see a wild gorilla.

There are few zoos where we can see a gorilla hanging down from a ceiling, thus you can’t miss it!


A gorilla in the zoo is also famous as “Iku-men gorilla,” which means a gorilla who love to feed and take care of his children.

It’s known that a male gorilla usually looks after his children.

The gorilla also takes care of his kids very often.

When we see him watching they are playing, we feel he has a dignified air as a father.




* Wow, a goat is walking above your head!


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Otoginokuni (おとぎの国) area is where you can touch and snuggle animals such as, rabbits, mice, sheep and goats.

The area must be ideal for small children, and it must be a good experience for them.


And, in this area, don’t miss seeing goats.

It provides you an opportunity to see them who leap on blocks, as wild goats usually do in mountainous areas.

It may be surprising for someone to find goats walking on a passage above our head.


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* See the moment a giraffe drinks water!


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There are giraffes in the area called “grasslands in Africa,” which was designed to make it easy for people to see the life of giraffes.

For example, you can see them reaching their necks for foods from right below or above.


Have you ever have a look at giraffes reaching their long necks down for water?

Here, you can see it.

You might think that it looks tough for their long and heavy necks, but it’s nice that you watch how wild giraffes drink water.

If you have kids, visiting the area gives them a good opportunity to imagine how wild giraffes live in savannah in Africa.





How was it?

Kyoto City Zoo is located at the centre of Kyoto city, and have an easy access to famous temples and other tourist destinations.

Why not visit the refurbished zoo?


For more information, visit the site.




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