Only 6 hours! Enough for sightseeing! Recommended walking course with red leaves in Arashiyama area of Kyoto city.

Arashiyama area has lot of red leaves sightseeing spot, so very popular for visitors.

Tenryuji temple benefits from the scenery of Arashiyama mountain, and you can see japanese garden.

Let’s check recommended waling course such as “Jojjakoji temple” that you can se red leaves, You also enjoy lunch time in this area!

Tenryuji temple that benefits from the scenery of Arashiyama mountain with Japanese garden.

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1.At 9:00 am Tenryuji temple benefits from the scenery of Arashiyama mountain.


Tenryuji temple is the first famous temple with a venerable history that is known “Sogenchi teien” ( The garden created by Muso Soseki features a circular promenade around Sogen pond and is designated as Special place of Science Beauty of Japan)

Let’s look beautiful red leaves scenery of Arashiyama mountain reflected in a pond at the veranda of Large Guest House called Ohojo.

In the prescience of the temple, here are not only a connecting corridor but also promenade, you can enjoy throughly with walking.

Best time to see red leaves

Best time to see red leaves in this area, is end of November and beginning of December. Almost 200 trees like acer palmatum (Japanese maple)

2.At 10:30 Red leaves tunnel that cover over a head Jojjakoji temple.


The temple that located a hillside of Ogurayama mountain that is famous as Hyakuhin Isshu (Japanese playing card, and sometime this mountain appear in this cards)

You can see thatched deva gate and two storied pagoda called “Tahoto” with red leaves.

One of the highlight is tunnel from temple gate to two storied pagoda.

We also enjoy the scenery around Sagano area from there.

Best time to see red leaves is middle of November to beginning of December. Almost 200 trees like acer paltmatum (Japanese maple)

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3. Superb view at the front approach to Nisonin temple that covered with red and yellow leaves.


Front approach to temple is famous because it is very wide, so that course can ran that is known as “red leaves riding ground”

The avenue radiate to main temple is specially excellent, so you should take a picture there!

Best time to see is middle of November to beginning of December. Almost 50 tress, 2 kinds trees like maple.

4.12:30 Seiryoji temple. Red maple and Deva gate are grate!

Seiryoji temple is one of old famous temple and local people call here “Shakado-san” as nick name with love and respect.

Best time to see starting from front of Deva gate and around Bendendo that has temple halls Benzaiten god as their principal image.

Little mate coloring clear red, so we recommend you to view temple and trees at the same time. This scenery is so grateful,

In addition to, you can see scenery in front of Deva gate with no fee!

Best time to see is end of October to middle of November. Almost 10 trees of maple.

Only 15 minutes by walk to next spot!

5. 13:30 Foot bath cafe and Italian restaurant opened! “Restaurant Arashiyama”


Here is big tourist facility where has  restaurants and souvenir shops.

“Arashiyama hot spring japans cafe Hyu-me” has foot bath (200 Japanese yen, including towel) and Italian restaurant “Trattoria Hyu-me” which  use many vegetable of Kyoto. Let’s try if you have interest.


Information of temples and reestaurant

■Tenryuji temple
Adress :68Sukinobanbacho Saganotenryuji Ukyouku Kyoto city
Open time:8:30~17:00
※3rd of November (holiday)、5th(Saturday)~4th of December(Sunday) begin from7:30~
Day off:no
Fee:Ground 500円(additional fee to see temples100 yen※1st of September~300 yen)、Lecture hall called “Hodo” 500 yen

■Jojjakkouji temple
Adress:3 Oguracho  SagaOgurayama  Ukyoku Kyoto city
Open time:9:00~16:30
Day off:no
fee:400 yen

■Nisonin temple
Adress: 27 Saganisonin Minzen Chojincho Ukyoku Kyoto city
Open time:9:00~16:30
Day off:no
fee:500 yen

■Seiryoji temple
Adress: 46SagaShakado Fujinokicho  Ukyoku Kyoto city
Open time:9:00~16:00、April and May, October and November are end at17:00
Day off:no
fee:precincts of the temple is no fee

(main temple 400yen、Reihokan 400yen、common ticket 700yen0

■Restaurant Arashiyama
Adress:33 Sagatenryujitsukurimichicho Ukyoku Kyoto city
時間:9:00~18:00(but depend on each restaurant)
Day off:no



If you want to use your time to see beautiful temples and sceneries, let’s check web site and refer these information that we introduced here. To make plan to go to many area, you have to summrize many information to enjoy at each place!

Luckily, Kyoto city is not so big that you may enjoy fully if you get up early at the hotel. Most of buddhist temple close around 17:00 pm, so we recommend you to go to temples and after that, check souvenir shops!

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