7 Things About Kyoto Your Boss Wants To Know

As you know, Kyoto is one of the most oldest city in Japan. Now, Kyoto as know not only old city also international city that has old history and high technology.

On this article, I want to introduce you 7 things about Kyoto your boss wants to know.

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1.As oldest city

Kyoto was capital untill 1943. After that, capital city transferd to Tokyo. Therefore, in Kyoto city, Kyoto Gosho( The Inperial palace) located southern part of Kyoto city.

source: http://www.mansionnavi.jp/townnavi/2009/03/post_4.html

There are opened almost every day, You can enter anytime you want  for sightseeing. I recommend you to use subway because Imadegawa station locates next to Kyoto imperial house.

source: http://www.mansionnavi.jp/townnavi/2009/03/post_4.html

Some people think if you want to enter here, some additional procedure will be required, but actually no need to register. You just enjoy scenery, and can taking photo freely.

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2. People in Kyoto loving bread

It is said that consumption of bread in Japan is Kyoto. If you here it, you may thing it is unexacting thing. Because Imagoes Kyoto is “traditional” or “oldest city” in Japan.

But historically, people live in Kyoto has loved eating bread.

So, near by Kyoto imperial palace, you can find lot of bakery shop.

source: http://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r9557811499070

If you enter Imadegawa street, you can find good bakery shop!

originalsource: http://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r5956210887844

Now, Tokyo catching modern culture as capital of Japan. Same with that, Kyoyo also has purchased modern culture when there was the capital.

3. Coffee shop

So, it is said not only bread, people live in Kyoto loving coffee than Japanese tea. It will make your boss surprised.

If you walking around Kyoto city, you can find many coffee shop. Now reinovation of traditional house that called “Machiya” is popular in Kyoto, so there are many Japanese taste cafe.

glam101source: http://blogs.glam.jp/aco/files/2011/12/glam101.jpg

4. Kyoto is different from Osaka

Kyoto also one of western part of Japan that called “Kansai” area. in Kansai area, they use Kansai dialect.

Including Kyoto, 6 prefectures has almost common culture and dialect. However, people of Kyoto often insist that Kyoto is a special and different from Osaka. They often use Kyoto dialect that seems like soft touch than Osaka dialect.

5. Tradition for first-time customer

If you wan to enter Japanese high crass restaurant that called “Ryotei” serving mainly Japanese cuisine, you may reject because they have tradition that they will not allowed to enter for  first-time costumers, saying that customer without introduction from somebody. Therefore, if you want to enter like these restaurant, you must make an appointment somebody has already visited there.

source: http://livedoor.blogimg.jp/yuji7e/imgs/1/8/181f0bcb.JPG?400300

6. City for Students

In Japan, 778 university exists, and in Kyoto there are 31 public and private universities. Recently, particularly students from Asia increasing, mostly China. Around Imadegawa street, Japanese top revel university “Kyoto university” locates.

source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/05/Kyoto_University_Clock_Tower.jpg

Over 160000 students studying in Kyoto, and this amount is almost same with 50 percent of students in Japan. Therefore, in Kyoto, you may see many young people who riding on bycicle to go to school.

7. Manner to travel

These days so many tourist come to Kyoto for travel purpose, but some traveler’s manner is not good. Kyoto city making brochure for traveler to let them know how to behave in Kyoto.

For example, remove hats and sunglasses at shrine or temple.

If you believe some religion, you must pay attention to behave when you visit there.


source: https://kanko.city.kyoto.lg.jp/resource/image/manner/torisetsu1L.png



If you and your boss do not know about them, you can fine new aspect of Kyoto. Most of people think that Kyoyo is beautiful place with history, but at the same time you must need another aspect that has modern and international aspects.

After mastering how to behave in Kyoto, your boss will be satisfy and can find new business connect to your country.

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