Nine spots ideal for taking photos in kimono in Kyoto!



It’s not an exaggeration to say that Kyoto is the most popular tourist destination in Japan, because of the quaint old streetscapes of the old capital.

And I think many of you are interested in wearing a kimono to take a walk and have nice pictures in Kyoto.


Today, I’m telling you the nice spots that are perfect for visiting to take photos in kimono!



1. Gion (祇園)



Gion area is a representative tourist destination in Kyoto.

It has an approach to Yasaka shrine (八坂神社), which keeps old Japanese streetscapes.


In Edo era, Gion area flourished as a major entertainment district in Kyoto, which is the reason that the area is known as a spot in which you often can see maiko (舞妓), apprentice geisha.


It’s true that a kimono stands out against the traditional streetscapes of Gion, so Gion is a perfect location for walking around and taking photos in kimono!

You mustn’t miss it!

3. Kiyomizu-dera temple (清水寺)



It’s not exaggerated to say that almost all tourists in Kyoto visit there.

Famous for a world cultural heritage and magnificent scenery, Kiyomizu-dera temple is the spot that you mustn’t miss.


It’s a photogenic spot, with old quaint buildings such as the stage of the temple and the vivid vermeil three-story tower, and so forth.


The photos taken in the temple are undoubtedly beautiful and have a taste of Japan, but don’t you think they are more beautiful with you in kimono?




4. Kamogawa river (鴨川)



amogawa is a river that flows from north to south in Kyoto city.

Among both tourists and local people, it’s a beloved spot in Kyoto, because of the beautiful scenery in different seasons.


In particular, it is said that summer is the best season to visit Kamogawa.

You’ll have fun to visit Kawayuka(川床), restaurants that have seats on balconies over the river.


The pictures that have a river behind you in kimono or yukata, summer kimono, give refreshing coolness to people who see them!

Surely wearing a kimono will let you melt in the atmosphere of the traditional scenery of Kamogawa in summer!

5.  Togetsu bridge (渡月橋)


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It’s a bridge over Katsura river (桂川) , which has the great importance of transportation to connect the east and the west side of the river.

The posts of the bridge are iron, but the other parts are made of wood, which allows itself blend right in with the background.


Your pictures must be perfect with the wood railing of the bridge, the sidewalk made of stone and you in kimono!

A kimono with traditional colors and designs and the scenery of the river will create a harmonious scene!

6.  Nanzen-ji temple and Suiro-kaku (南禅寺・水路閣)


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It’s an aqueduct bridge built in 1888, which is widely known as a designated cultural property of Kyoto city.

The arch-shaped bridge made of bricks has a western atmosphere, but interestingly, in the old temple, it finely fits in with the Japanese traditional atmosphere.


When you visit there in kimono, you may feel you have a time trip to Meiji era, the period of civilization and enlightenment, when Japan met Western culture and ideas and they blended.

Take photos at the nostalgic spot!

If you in kimono and the arches of the bridge are together in a photos, they must be photogenic!


7.  Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine(伏見稲荷大社)



It’s the main shrine of all Inari shrines all over Japan, and a lot of people gather every year for having prayer answered.

Shrines usually have stone-made statues of guardian dogs, but the shrine is different; it has guardian foxes!

Few shrines have foxes as guardian animals, so don’t forget to take some pictures with them!


What makes the shrine known by people all over the world is the uncountable number of torii gates, called Senbon Torii (千本鳥居).

It’s said that your dream comes true passing through the gate.

The photos taken there are absolutely photogenic.

It’s already popular among non-Japanese tourists all over the world, and a lot of them take photos.

So, wearing a kimono may differentiates your photos from others’!

Why not visit there in kimono!

8.  Kifune Shrine (貴船神社)



It’s a shrine which is said to bring you romance, thus renowned as a spiritual site in Kyoto city.

The shrine has many lanterns with vivid red color standing along steps.

They stands out sharply against the background with green leaves and the gray stone steps.

The scenery has somehow nostalgic atmosphere.


I recommend that you should take photos of your back view taken at the bottom of the steps.

You can take clear photos with the design of a kimono, hair style and how a belt is tied.

9.  Ishibei-koji (石塀小路)


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It’s a site in Rakutou area, where there is a quaint traditional scenery, such as, cobbled pathways, walls made of wood or bricks, and so on.

The scenery of the site is what Kyoto city was in the past, but somehow has western things.

Because of the traditional scenery, it’s not exaggerated to say that Ishibei-koji is the best place to visit in kimono.

Kimonos with both traditional and modern designs look really sharp with the scenery.

It’s definitely a must-visit place when you wear a kimono, if you want to have pictures filled with Japanese things!

How was it?

I hope you have fun wearing a kimono and take wonderful photos in Kyoto!