See the perfect beauty of autumn leaves at Rurikouin in Kyoto!




When you think of autumn leaves in Japan, maybe some temples in Kyoto, such as, Kiyomizudera temple, springs to your mind.

Of course, you can enjoy the wonderful views of autumn leaves in many tourist spots in Kyoto.

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However, do you know “Rurikouin (瑠璃光院),” which has the breathtaking  scene of autumn leaves, and is known renowned as one of the best leaf peeping spots in Kyoto?


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Today, with many pictures, I introduce the stunning views of coloured leaves in the temple.




Rurikouin (瑠璃光院) is a temple in Komyoji temple (光明寺) in Yase(八瀬) area of  Kyoto city.

Recently the place has been gathering people’s attention, for its having an outstanding view of autumn leaves reflected in a mirror!


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As the picture above shows, Rurikouin looks enough beautiful to fascinate people by its beauty of green leaves during spring and summer.



However, it’s absolutely true that the best season in Rurikouin is autumn, because of the fantastic views created by red, orange and yellow leaves.

Views from every angle from Rurikouin is perfect for a picture, and even photographers visit there, seeking the most beautiful moment in the season of autumn leaves.




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This is the picture taken at the second floor of Rurikouin.


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Remember, it’s not a photo created by CG, but one that a man took from the temple!

Some of you may feel that you come to another world.




Unfortunately, you cannot visit there anytime you want.

Rurikouin is open for four months in a year: two in spring, and two in fall.




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This autumn, it is scheduled to open from 1st of October to 4th of December.

If you are planning to visit there in this period, you must go and have a look at the beauty!




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The entrance fee of Rurikouin is 2,000yen.

You may think it’s a bit expensive, but I’m sure it’s worth paying.

The best season of autumn leaves in Rurikouin is from mid- to the last of November.

During the season, it must be crowded, thus please visit there at 10:00am, when it opens, if you would like to take time to see the leaves.





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When you are there, please observe good manners!

Not only you but also everyone there would like to enjoy the beautiful scenes of Rurikouin.

Don’t you think it’s very nice to share a good moment happily with people? 😉



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How was it?

Let’s see how beautiful autumn leaves in Rurikouin are, with your naked eyes!


For more information on Rurikouin, visit the site.


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