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  2. The Longest bridges in Japan in the top 10 ranking -from the 5th to 1st-

The Longest bridges in Japan in the top 10 ranking -from the 5th to 1st-

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I show you top five longest bridges in this article following the last one.

The fifth place “Irabu Ohashi”

The length is 3,540 meter. It just opened at 31th January in 2015 and the longest bridge in Japan. You can go through it for free. It connects Miyako island in Okinawa prefecture and Irabu island. The contrast between beautiful sea in Miyako island and the long straight bridge is remarkable so I recommend the place as the photo spot. Cobalt blue ocean can be seen on both sides of you so you should open windows during 3.5 kilometres driving.

Irabu Ohashi
Address: Hirarakugai, Miyako island, Okinawa prefecture
URL: http://www.pref.okinawa.jp/site/doboku/doboku-miyako/doroseibi/irabuoohashi.html

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The fourth place “Kansai International Airport Renrakubashi”

The length is 3,750 meters and the longest truss bridge in the world. It links Rinku town in Izumisano city and Kansai International Airport. Sky Gate bridge R is a nickname of the bridge. The upper part of it is the road and the lower part of it is the railway, in other words, it is two stories.

Kansai International Airport Renrakubashi
Address: Rinku Oraikita Izumisano city, Osaka
URL: http://www.kansai-airport.or.jp/otanoshimi/explor/object/06/

The third place “Daichi Kitakamigawa Kyoryo”

The length is 3,868 meters. Daichi Kitakamigawa Kyoryo is known as the longest railway bridge. Tohoku Shinkansen passes on Kitakami river. The landscape of Hayabusa running is recommended as the photo spot.

Daichi Kitakamigawa Kyoryo
Address: Ichinoseki city, Iwate prefecture
URL: http://www.jreast-shinkansen.com/200kei/detail/033.html

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The second place “Akashi Kaikyo Ohashi”

The length is 3,911 meters. It connects Kobe city in Hyogo prefecture and Awaji island. The suspension bridge in a central part is 1,911 meters and the longest in the world. It links Shikoku region and Awaji island by Kobeawajinaruto Expressway. It is popular as a driving route. I can recommend the place as Setonai ocean dating spot.

Akashi Kaikyo Ohashi
How to go: It takes 4 kilometre from Takamaru IC, Dainishinmei Road to the bridge
Address: Higashimaiko town, Kobe city, Tarumi district, Hyogo prefecture
URL: http://www.jb-honshi.co.jp/bridgeworld/index.html
It has a car park.

The first place “Aqua Bridge”

The length is 4,424 meters. Aqua Bridge, national highway, is the longest in Japan. Tokyo bay Aqua line connects Kanagawa and Chiba. Tokyo bay Aqua Tunnel means the tunnel part of the road. The bridge part called Aqua bridge is from Umihotaru PA to Kisarazu.

Aqua Bridge
Address: from Ukishima town, Chisaki, Kawasaki district, Kawasaki city to Kisarazu Nakazima
URL: https://www.pref.chiba.lg.jp/doukei/aqualine/aqualinegaiyou/
It has a car park.

It is translated from Japanese to English.
Original article: http://autos.goo.ne.jp/car-i/articles/RJkcP


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