Reasonable Japanese restaurants in Tokyo

Speaking of Japanese foods, miso soup and rice, meat dishes, seafood dishes etc. come to our mind. Once you visit Japan, you’ll want to choose reasonable and good Japanese restaurant, won’t you? Now, let me show you nice Japanese restaurants in Tokyo. Let’s check it out !

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Mikawaya in Roppongi area is a popular Japanese restaurant where serves juicy and thick cutlets mainly, and there are always long lines in front of the restaurant. Minced beef cutlet set, mixed fry set and fried shrimps set are recommended. Surprisingly, the second helping of rice, miso soup, and cabbage are free of charge !



(address) 13-15, Nishiazabu 1chome, Minatoku, Tokyo

(access) 8 minutes walk from Nogizaka station 5 exit

(open time) 11:30~14:30(Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

(regular holidays) every Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, National holidays



Shiroganeya (Nishishinjuku)

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Next Japanese restaurant is Shiroganeya in Nishisinjuku. I recommend you “ flavor sashimi steak set of Daisendori (Daisen chicken)“. Daisendori here is voluminous medium-rare meat .The best way to eat this juicy chicken is using grated radish, Yuzu pepper, wasabi, and soy sauce mixed with grated radish. It is 880 yen . So reasonable !



(address) Sunrose Shinjuku 1F, 7-19-7, Nishisinjuku, Shinjukuku, Tokyo

(access) 5 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Nishishinjuku station

(open time) 11:30~15:00 (daytime) , 17:30~23:30(night time) ※~22:00(Saturday)

(regular holidays) Sunday, National holidays


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Sakanatei (Shinbashi)

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Sakanatei is the popular Japanese restaurant famous for the seafood dishes in Shinbashi area, and is always crowded with businessmen around lunchtime. The  recommendation of this restaurant is a Sashimi set meal used fresh Sashimi slices. The master of Sakanatei cooks the seasonal fishes on the day when he laid them in stock by himself in Tsukiji, so the freshness is outstanding.



(address) B1F, Shinbashiekimae building 1, 2-20-15, Shinbashi, Minatoku, Tokyo

(access) 2 minutes from JR Shinbashi station

(open time) 11:30~14:00  17:00~23:30

(regular holidays) Sunday, National holidays



Tenpurameshi Kaneko Hannosuke (Mitsukoshimae)

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Kaneko Hannosuke is a Japanese restaurant serving a tempura set menu. They provide reasonable set menu(¥1,000~¥1,999) used some delicious tempura. This restaurant is also a popular one in Nihonbashi area where there’s always a long line.


【Tenpurameshi Kaneko Hannosuke】

(address) villa art Nihonbashi 1F, 1-4-3, Nihonbashi honmachi, Chuoku, Tokyo

(access) 3minutes from Mitsukoshimae station A1 exit

(open time) 11:00~22:00(Mon. to Fri.:21:30 L.O.) 10:00~21:00 (Sat./Sun./National holidays:20:30 L.O.)

(regular holidays) year-end and new-year holidays / irregular holidays



Kyokasuduke Uokyu (Ginza)

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Kyokasuduke Uokyu Ginzaten is a long-established restaurant of liquor kasuduke born in 1914. You can enjoy eating “ Ajimise set menu “ filled a half-length of sablefish, a half-length of salmon, and a half-length of flounder at lunchtime. This is also the popular restaurant always crowded with customers at the eating-in space on the 2nd floor.


【Kyokasuduke Uokyu】

(address) 2F,Togin building 2, 3-10-15, Ginza, Chuoku, Tokyo

(access) 3 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Toei Asakusa Line Higashiginza station

(open time) 10:00~14:30(Mon. to Fri.:L.O.14:00)

(regular holidays)Saturday, Sunday, National holidays




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When you visit Japan, maybe you should eat standard Japanese food. I recommend you the restaurant at which it’s easy to drop in. The set menus that we’re showing you here are nothing but the hearty meal. Let’s experience delicious Japanese foods by all means !

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