The ways to enjoy Ishikawa as a town of hot spring and gourmet foods!



Have you ever visited Ishikawa prefecture (石川県)?

Ishikawa prefecture, in Hokuriku area, is now a happening place as a tourist destination, after the open of a bullet train route called Hokuriku Shinkansen (北陸新幹線) in 2015.

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Now, the bullet train route has made Ishikawa prefecture easily accessible from Tokyo, thus more and more people visit there.


In Edo period, Ishikawa was called as Kaga-han (加賀藩), which had the closed connection with Shogun family in Edo bakufu (江戸幕府) , thus was one of the most influential district in Japan.

The age of prosperity in Kaga-han was called Kaga-hyakumangoku (加賀百万石), which way of the description of the district has been used until now to mean Ishikawa prefecture.


Ishikawa is an attracting tourist destination and offers you a lot of things to do.


Today, I’m going to introduce the three ways to enjoy staying in Ishikawa.

Let’s check it, and plan your trip there!



(1) Being relaxed in Kaga hot spring village (加賀温泉郷)!


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Kaga hot spring village (加賀温泉郷) consists of the four hot springs: Katayamazu hot spring (片山津温泉), Yamashiro hot spring (山代温泉), Yamanaka hot spring (山中温泉), and Awazu hot spring (あわづ温泉).
By getting on Hokuriku Shinkansen, getting off at Kaga hot spring station (加賀温泉駅), taking Hokuriku Honsen (北陸本線), you can get there.
There are many bus routes from Kaga hot spring station (加賀温泉駅) on Hokuriku Honsen.


For couples, Awazu hot spring might be the best, for it’s know not only as a hot spring which gives you beauty, but also as a sacred spot for couples.


Yamashiro hot spring is the most traditional hot spring among the four, and some famous people visited there.

Kosou-yu (古総湯), an old style of public bath around early Meiji period, was restored and it has a retro design, which makes you imagine what a public bath was about in the past.


Katayamazu hot spring is located around a lake, and you can enjoy both taking a bath and seeing a beautiful scene of nature.


Yamanaka hot spring is the one that Matsuo Basho (松尾芭蕉), one of the most prominent poet in Japanese history, loved.

It has beautiful nature, and a playhouse named as “Yamanaka-za (山中座)” offers a good opportunity to see some Japanese traditional performing art.


Each hot spring has different water quality, thus it’s a nice choice to visit the all hot spring and find a good one for you, if you have an enough time to stay in Ishikawa.


For more information about Kaga hot spring village, visit the site.





(2) Having cultural experiences and gourmet foods in Kanazawa city (金沢市)!


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Since Edo period (江戸時代), Kanazawa has prospered as the central city in Hokuriku area, and the city still maintains traditions from the period.


When you get off a bullet train at Kanazawa station (金沢駅), have a look at the building of Kanazawa station!

The gate in front of the station is outstanding, and you can see many traditional arts in Ishikawa prefecture in many parts of the building.

For these reasons, the station is selected as the most beautiful station in the world by a travel magazine in the United States.


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One of the most famous tourist destination in Kanazawa city is, absolutely, Kenrokuen (兼六園), a beautiful Japanese-style garden.
The garden has more than 20 must-see spots, which shows different faces in each season.

Especially, the garden looks more beautiful in winter.


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Yuki-zuri (雪吊り), many bundles of straw rope surrounding each tree, not only protects trees from heavy snow but also make them look beautiful.


If you are interested in walking in a traditional Japanese-style town, let’s visit Higashi-chaya district (ひがし茶屋街).


The district has many old houses that samurais lived in the past.


For those who love art, “21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art” (金沢21世紀美術館) is highly recommended.

There are various collections of unique objects, which gather people’s attention.


When you are hungry, how about going to Oumi-cho market (近江町市場) to have lunch?

The market provides a variety of local foods.

If you love sea foods, choose a bowl of rice topped with sashimi, since Kanazawa is a famous place for fresh sea foods!

You can also choose some laxuary foods, and cheap and tasty foods.


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(3) Feel a Japanese traditional craft and enjoy a busy morning market in Wajima city (輪島市)!


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Wajima city (輪島市) , located in the northern part of Noto peninsula (能登半島), is a two-and-half-hour bus ride from Kanazawa station.


The city is greatly famous for a Japanese traditional craft named Wajima-nuri lacquerware (輪島塗), which maintains a traditional way to the high-quality of japan wares, becoming popular all over the world.

If you are interested in Wajima-nuri lacquerware, I strongly recommend that you should visit Wajima-nuri lacquerware museum (輪島塗会館).


Here you’ll know that it is made through complicated process, and that craftsmen devote time and care.

For those who want to experience the great traditional craft, it’s nice to visit Wajima-nuri Nuritarou (輪島塗 塗太郎). 

An experienced craftsman tells you how to make Wajima-nuri, and helps you to make your original ones.


The city has another spot which gives you fun; a morning market!

In fact, a morning market in Wajima city is regarded as one of the three busiest morning market in Japan.

The market opens at 8am, but at the time the market already has a lot of people, and shops bustle with customers and tourists in all seasons.

The market has many seafood shops and vegetable shops, and these are fresher and more delicious than you imagine!

Usually there is not a price tag, thus enjoy negotiating the prices!

It must be fun and a great experience to talk with friendly people at the shops, and don’t be afraid, if you are not good at speaking in Japanese!



How was it?

Ishikawa is a bit far from Tokyo, but I’m sure you’ll have a great experience when you stay in the city with rich traditional culture and delicious local foods!
I hope you have fun in Ishikawa prefecture!

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