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What Should I Wear During the Summer Season in Japan?

 2016/12/12 Travel in Japan   49 Views

How clothes suitable to spend comfortably in Japan?

Japan locates east Asia and known as hot country during the summer season.

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Certainly Japan has beautiful 4 seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter.  And many tourist enjoy cherry blossom in spring and led leaves and temple in autumn,


source: https://www.flickr.com

However, summer also attractive season to enjoy Japan, because many festival are held and people can wear Yukawa the traditional clothes that is kind of kimono.

To enjoy summer season, I will introduce you to bring summer clothes!

2 metropolitan area, Kanto(Tokyo) and Kansai(Osaka, Kyoto)

Average of Tokyo and highest temperature in Tokyo

By Holiday Weather.com, average of Tokyo in summer season is 28-29 degree. August is the most hottest season and sometime over 34 degree on daytime.

Tokyo rather locates northern part of Japan, however you will experience sweltering night.

But night time, temperature only under 25 degree, so you have to bring summer cardigan not to catch a cold.

Generally speaking, inside of building is too cold to stay because of strong air conditioner.



source: http://bizlady.jp

refer to this site: http://www.holiday-weather.com/tokyo/averages/

T-shirt, cardigan, short pants (cotton is best) are best to spend there.

Of course if you have plan to visit formal place, you must more pay attention to clothes.

Recently young Japanese people wear clothes exposed some part of body, but in general, it is not acceptable.

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Average of Osaka or Kyoto and highest of them

Especially Kyoto is known as hottest place in Japan. Because Kyoto is basin place so, in summer sometime temperature over 36 degree.

So you must pay attention not to dehydration.

Sleeveless shirt and cardigan are best, and if you are female, thin dress also comfortable


source: https://rank.cd-cdn.com

If you are male, short pant made by cotton or pants has high water absorption. Jeans is too hot, so if you want to wear jeans, half length is recommended.




source; http://thumbnail.image.rakuten.co.jp


Japanese summer is hotter that you expected, but gap of daytime and night time is sometime big. So not to catch a cold, yo u must bring some cardigan. Inside of restaurant, shopping center, and some amusement park, air conditioner is too cold.

You may be surprised that Japanese people wear long sleeves even though summer days, but actually it is kind of fashion and most of foreign  tourist wear only T shirt!

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