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  2. Three Convenient Meeting Places in Tokyo! -part 1-

Three Convenient Meeting Places in Tokyo! -part 1-

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You won’t be lost even in crowded stations!

Animal square in Tokyo station

There are some common meeting places in major places which many people come across. These places are convenient but these are some disadvantages. It is difficult to find a person whom you meet or tiring if you have to wait for a long time and so on. Therefore, I would like to introduce unexpected or hidden spots in major stations in Tokyo.

Tokyo station is large. Where is better for waiting outside ticket gates.

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1. Bookstores are good for the meeting place in Tokyo station

Gin no suzu(It means silver rings) is known for the typical meeting place. However, it is more difficult to find the place than expected and it is inside the ticket gates. This time I sought for a good meeting place outside ticket gates.

There was animal square once outside ticket gates in undergrand area of Marunouchi side. Three animals which appeared steam locomotive C62 were placed. But it was transferred from there to rather southern place even though it is in Marunouchi underground still, which made the place unremarkable.

Of course, it may be easy to find the spot if you exit from ticket gate called Marunouchi Tika Minamiguchi because it is located in front to rather small Marunouchi Tika Minamiguchi right. Because fewer people know the spot compared to the time the spot was in the North exit, you don’ have to be tired of crowded places weekdays.

When you wait for a long time, it is boring if you just stand there. The bookstore is the good place for such time. There are some bookstores inside and outside ticket gates in Tokyo station. HINT INDEX BOOK Ecute is located nearby an escalator directed to Chuo line platform around the central exit on the ground inside ticket gates of Marunouchi side. Café is next to the bookstore, so you can wait for someone on the chair. However, you may not be able to find a vacant seat and it depends on your luck.

I want to recommend another bookstore, called Tokyo Eki Ichibangai store of Sanseido in Yaesu side. It has more books than other bookstores in stations and lot of books about train and travel. The bookstore is suitable for railway enthusiasts. It is more spacious than you imagine so it is better to tell someone whom you meet to go to the railway book section.

2. In case of Yurakucho station. Places around tickets gates in the station are narrow.

Because the area around ticket gates are cramped, Sanseido bookstore on the first floor in Tokyo Koutsu Kaikan across from central exit and Kyobashi exit is easy to find. The bookstore is more spacious than you expected, so you should set where to meet in the store like the travel guide section or railway book section. Shinsho (Shinsho is a genre of books) section and Bunko(Bunko is a genre of books) section are in the second floor.

A square where there are some benches is convenient for a meeting place. You can go there by going down the escalator in front of central exit to the underground. But benches are placed sporadically, It makes your meetup easier to set where to see like the place displays Anakura on the wall or around an entrance of ITOCiA.

Another convenient place is around an entrance of OIOI in Yurakucho ITOCiA. You can find the place on the right side after you go through central exit. It is comfortable to stay inside the grass door while OIOI is open. I recommend TRATTORIA Coltibuono in the fourth floor of ITOCIA PLAZA if you like an Italian restaurant. Table seats on the terrace is known for the spot to take a pocture of Tokaido bullet train.

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3. Do you know the monument of Tetsudo shoka in Shinbashi station.

Monument of Testudo Shoka stands in Shiodome exit of Shinbashi station. There are few people in SL square. A Famous meeting place in Shinbashi station is SL square in front of Hibiya exit. Especially many people wait for someone in front of C11 steam locomotive for static preservation. The place is crowded with a lot of office workers who are about to go drinking in the evening.

How about a monument of Tetsudo Shoka where less people are if you are disturbed by the congestion? You don’t go to stairs to Yurikamome station in front of exit. And then you see your right side and find the monument. When it is rain, it is hard to wait there. However, a couple of driving wheel of SL is displayed. It is worth visiting if you are railway buff.

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