20 Myths About Tokyo

1 JR Shinjyuku Station

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There is a cenotaph downstairs of Chuou line platform of JR Shinjyuku station. This cenotaph is for a worker who died during under cable construction. People need to go through stuff only pathway in order to go and see the cenotaph but there are so many witnesses saying saw a ghost around there and workers doesn’t want to approach to this place.


Chuou line platform of JR Shinjyuku station toward to Nakano station is just right above of the cenotaph. There are some reports of commit suicide of jumping in front of a train at this spot. Some people said that there were many people about to fall into the railroad line when they were at the platform waiting for a train. They said someone pushed them. Additionally, there is a rumor that monitoring camera at the platform caught ghost pushes people’s back.

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2 Shinjyuku Monkey “Jira”

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There is a rumor that huge monkey appears during the night in Kabukicyo, Shinjyuku. He moves between electric wire, jumps down to the ground and steals business bags from office workers.

Live monitoring camera caught his appearance but he looks more like UMA. People have seen him since about 2008.


3 Platform for Shinkansen under Takashimaya

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It seems that there is a secret shinkansen platform under the Takashimaya, Shinjyuku. Some enthusiasts went to the platform and some of them saw Shinkansen stopped at this secret platform. According to them, there were some people and gray aliens at the platform and got into the Shinkansen.


4 Ticket gate at the JR Shinjyuku Station

Almost more than 350 million people using JR Shinjyuku station per day. It is the largest number of customers in the world. When people go through ticket gates at this station, someone could get 100yen charge automatically every one person per 100 million people.

5 “LOVE” Monument at Shinjyuku Island

“LOVE” monument is one of the famous monuments at Shinjyuku Island Tower. This is known as designed by Japanese famous singer Fumiya Fuji. There is a rumor that if you go through between V and E without touching anywhere, your love becomes accomplished.

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6 Tiger Mask in Shinjyuku

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There is a rumor that old man who wear tiger mask appears at “Shinjyuku Battle 9” and “Lumine“. According to this rumor, he has radio on his hand and put traditional style Japanese popular songs “Enka” with a roar and sometimes he passes out newspaper to people. Some people say he exists and some people say he is not a human.


7 Toyama Park, Hakoneyama

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Toyaka Park in Hakoneyama is one of the scariest haunted spots in Japan.

There is a National Institute of Infections Diseases right next to this park. During the World War II, there was a 731 troop. They researched some infectious diseases at the laboratory and they did human experimentations too. There are some dead bodies whom victims of human experimentations under the ground.

In Hakoneyama, you could hear someone is screaming and crying at late night.

There is also man’s ghost who killed himself at the public restroom in the park.

If you take a picture at the park, picture shows something unusual with high probability.



8 Secret Pass Way at the Nishiwaseda Station

There is a secret pathway at the Nishiwaseda Station right next to Waseda University campus. Elevator at this station doesn’t stop one particular floor (not sure which floor so you can go ahead and make sure!) even if you push the button. One day, elevator stopped at this floor and opened the door. According to the person who was in the elevator at the time, there was a one straight pathway but suddenly two police officers appeared in front of him and told him here is not allow to enter and they asked his name and address.

There is a rumor that is because there is a secret base for government underground of the park right next to the station and this floor of the elevator is the entrance for it.


9 Underground Shopping Street in Okubo


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There is an underground shopping street under the Okubo Street between JR Okubo station and Shinokubo station. This street used to be a regular shopping street but it closed after changing the low. It usually locked with key and cannot go inside but there are still some people buying and selling some underground stuff.


10 Headless Rider in Ikebukuro

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This is the rumor of a rider without a head riding a bike around the highway 5 Ikebukuro line. There was an incident that metal panel on the track slipped down while driving on this highway and the metal panel cut off the head of a rider driving right behind the truck. However, the head is still missing and police still trying to find it. People are talking that the ghost of headless rider still riding a bike and trying to find his head.


11 Super Mach Old Lady in Ikebukuro

There is an old lady who run super fast like 80 kilometers per hour. According to this rumor you could see her at the Sunshine 60 Street.

Some newspaper deliverymen are witnesses of her. She smiles to the person who saw her. She grabs person’s neck and drags his till clash to a buffer stop.


12 Plastic Bottle Guy

There is about 50 years old guy who put a plastic bottle of Japanese green tea on top of his head walking around near the Ikebukuro station. If you see him your body posture is going to be better.


13 Kewpie Guy

Around the Sunshine City, Ikebukuro, you could see an old man who dresses like a woman and having many kewpie dolls with hands. The rumor is you are going to have some injure after you meet this man. Hope not seeing him at all in my life.


14 13 Stairs at Sunshine City

Where the Sunshine City 60 used to be a prison, called “Sugamo Prison”. There is still 13 stairs for a scaffold downstairs of the Sunshine City. Workers who tried to remove those stairs always have bad luck, so they decided not to remove. You might get damned and you are going to get injure within two weeks if you go up the stairs.


15 Kiyomasa Well

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Kiyomasa Well in the Meijijingu is very famous for power spot in Tokyo and people believe that fortune is going to be better if you take a picture of Kiyomasa Well and put it as wallpaper on your cellphone. It is about five hours waiting line to go to see the well. However, it is not a power spot as used to be since there are so many people go and visit there and bring their bad fortune with them into this well. People who visit there lately lost their good fortune and got some bad fortune.


16 Takeshi-kun Statue      


Refer to this site: shibuya.tokyo-view.com

There is a rumor that if you ride a bicycle and go from Hachiko Statue to the Moai Statue with saying “Takeshi kun asobou” (it means lets hang out with me, Takeshi), a Statue of boy appears. And then, ghost of Takeshi (a boy) is coming when you say, “Lets hang out!” to the statue. If you don’t play with him a lot, he is going to take you somewhere and you are not going to come back,,,


17 Sendagaya Tunnel

There is a graveyard on the tunnel of Sendagaya, Shibuya. The tunnel was made for Tokyo Olympic, so there are a lot of ghosts around this place. This spot is very famous for seeing ghost among taxi drivers.


18 Mr. Kenshiro at Don Quijote in Shibuya

The man who wears costume of anime character “Kenshiro” from Hokutonoken appears at Don Quijote in Shibuya. He sets all the alarms of clocks to 7:07 at the selling area and then disappears. There is a rumor that if you buy one of those clocks; you can get married with the person who you like.


19 Cenotaph at the Back of C.C. Lemon Hall in Shibuya


Refer to this site: blogs.yahoo.co.jp


There is a rumor that if you come and visit cenotaph at the back of C.C. lemon hall in Shibuya with your boyfriend or girlfriend, your love is going to be forever. Just to be careful that you cannot break up even if you want…


20 Hachikou Dog Statue at Shibuya Station

Refer to this site: blog.goo.ne.jp

Hachiko in front of Shibuya station is very famous nowadays. However, hachiko is not a dog of Takamori Saigo.Hachiko is actually one of the guardian dogs like a same a placed at the gate or in front of Shinto Shrine. His another pair is in Ueno.




Refer to this site: http://matome.naver.jp/odai/2135937807915905701


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