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  2. Four Convenient Meeting Places in Tokyo! -part 3-

Four Convenient Meeting Places in Tokyo! -part 3-

I introduce the last four meeting places following previous articles!

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7. An owl is in Ikebukuro station.

8206691573_5d82b99b78_z The owl statue called Ikefukuro stands around North ticket gates in East exit in Ikebukuro. It is called Ikefukuro which is coined by mixing Ikebukuro and Fukuro means owl in Japanese. Ikefukuro is a kind of puns. It is a fun statue but it is difficult to find it because crowded people become obstacles. It may show it is such popular area. You don’t have to get soaked when it rains in the place thanks to inside station.

If you go to the West exit, the prism garden which is the semi-basement square is frequently used as a meeting place. When it is sunny, the sun ray strikes in the square and makes it bright. It is located near the south ticket gates for JR line and the ticket gate for Tokyo Metro Yurakucho. You can go up the ground by the escalator. Some people wait for someone right side of the escalator. You can stay at café to wait. It is easy to find the place in front of a pair of naked statues when you go up the escalator and see the right hand.

8. The place in front of a giant panda is in Ueno station.

There is a poem monument at the end of 15th ground platform. “A dialect in my country makes me feel nostalgic. I go outside to listen to it at the platform with crowded people.” by Takuboku Ishikawa. There is a bench next to the monument so you can wait for someone. After Ueno-Tokyo line opened, less trains stop by on the ground platform. Therefore, it is nice because there are few people except when few number of the trains come.

When you go out of Koen exit near to Ueno Park where there are an art gallery and zoo and cross the road, you see Tokyo Bunka Kaikan. Because its entrance lobby is open during opening days, it can be a good meeting place as long as there is no event in the building. It is evening before performance, many people come there so it is not suitable for the meeting place.

Another recommended place is the statue of giant panda is in grass case. After you go out of Iriya ticket gates, you will see a flower shop on right hand and find it is placed around the exit. It is square in front of the statue. As you go to the right, you cross the line and go to Ueno park before you know.

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9. There is a café in Asakusa station of Tobu line.

It is only Asakusa station that no JR line runs through into among Tokyo stations. It is the building of Tobu railway connected with two underground lines. The cramped station is always packed. When go up by the escalator from the ground exit, you see ticket gates. But you turn left back, there are some seats in a meeting room and an open café. It is nice to wait for the Express SPECIA, Ryomo and other express trains.

10. A panel of somo wrestlers are good in Ryogoku station.

Where is good to meet to go to Somo wrestler battle watching?

A gallery of the red carpet is good to meet someone in Ryogoku station. Once popular Ryogoku station as the terminal bound for Boso area become less major station now because no express train stops by the station. Though, it is still known for the nearest station to Kokugikan and EDO-TOKYO museum. In addition, a temporary platform is full of life as the destination for special trains or the venue for events related railways.

The passage to the temporary platform is covered the red carpet and 44 nostalgic photos like trains went through Boso area are hang on the wall on both sides (Open time is from 10 am to 5 pm). It is the station gallery and nice as the meeting place. When the gallery is close, the panel of wrestler pictures can be a landmark in front of the ticket gate.

Outside ticket gates is spacious because it was a major station once. Some stalls appear around the exit so you can enjoy wandering there.

An original article is here: http://toyokeizai.net/articles/-/133002

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