Wear a kimono and walk around Tokyo! Five places perfect to take a walk in a kimono.


For most of you, not only Japanese but also non-Japanese people, except some special events, it’s rare to wear a kimono and take a walk in Tokyo.

However, Tokyo, even though it’s one of the most developed cities in Japan, has many places with nostalgic scenery, which makes you feel like walking around in a kimono!

Today, I’m introducing five places ideal for taking a walk in a kimono.

When you visit the places, why not wear a kimono!



1. Asakusa (浅草)


Maybe many of Japanese have the answer when they are asked a place ideal for taking a walk in a kimono, because Asakusa has a lot of historical street scene, such as, Kaminari-mon gate, Senso-ji temple and Nakamise shopping street.

Taking a walk in a kimono, you can fit into the atmosphere of the scene.

You won’t be tired if you take a rikishaw, and it’s highly recommended when you are tired walking around Asakusa in a kimono.

2. Kagurazaka (神楽坂)


Refer to the site: https://retrip.jp/articles/25749/?


Kagurazaka, an area in Shinjuku district of Tokyo, has quaint old scene with many cobbles pathways.

It definitely makes us feel the taste of Edo downtown, and is an ideal place to visit in a kimono.

Just walk around the area with a camera!

I’m sure you can take beautiful pictures!


3. Ginza (銀座)


I think many of you know Ginza as a perfect place for shopping.

However, it’s pretty a nice place to visit in a kimono, because it has Kabuki-za (歌舞伎座), one of the most traditional theatre which offers you an opportunity to watch Kabuki!

When you visit there wearing a kimono, you’ll blend right in with the atmosphere and be able to enjoy wearing it more!

There is a shop in which you can rent a kimono near Kabukiza, and try to wear a kimono when you take a walk around Ginza!

Web site: http://www.studio-alice.co.jp/amusement/kabuki/rental/




4. Nihonbashi (日本橋)


Refer to the site: https://retrip.jp/articles/25749/?


Along with Asakura, Nihonbashi is regarded as a place with a quaint old scene of Tokyo, so I recommend it to you.

In addition, not only because of the scene, but also because it has a complex facility, named “Coredo Muromachi (コレド室町) ” which offers you chances to experience Japanese culture, I’m sure you have a lot of fun to take a walk in a kimono!

When you wear a kimono, let me suggest that you should visit Fukutoku shrine, which is located between Coredo Muromachi 1 and 2.

The shrine, with more than 1,000 years of history, maintains a traditional view of a Japanese shrine, and gives you opportunities to take beautiful pictures!



5. Nezu Museum (根津美術館)


Refer to the site: https://retrip.jp/articles/25749/?page=2


Some of you may wonder why a museum is a place ideal to visit in a kimono.

But I recommend it to you because of a beautiful Japanese garden in the museum.

With cobbled pathways, a tea house and a greenery scene, you may forget that you are in the center of Tokyo.

It exactly is a right place to take a walk in a kimono and take pictures.


Website: http://www.nezu-muse.or.jp/

How was it?

Wearing a kimono will provide a different kind of fun for you!

When you have a trip to Tokyo, why not try to wear a kimono and take a walk around the places mentioned above!