Let’s try to put on a kimono in Tokyo! 4 recommended kimono shops in Asakusa.


Have you ever tried to wear a kimono?

If you are interested in it and would like to try, it’s a good choice to visit Asakusa!

With flavor of downtown, Asakusa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tokyo.

You’ll find some essence of Japanese culture; Kaminari-mon gate, Senso-ji temple, Kokugikan (the national arena in which you can see sumou!).


Don’t you think it’s fun walking around the traditional town wearing kimono?

In fact, there are many kimono shops that you can rent a kimono around Asakusa.

Here, I’m introducing four kimono shops that are easy to use for non-Japanese speakers.

Some have English websites, and others have bilingual staff members!

I’m sure you feel free to try it there!

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1. Sakura Photo Studio


The photo studio is located a two-minute walk away from Kaminari-mon gate, one of the most famous landmarks in Tokyo.

You can choose a favorite one from 500 kimonos, and the shop offers outdoor photo option plan, which includes a guided tour to popular landmarks around Asakusa area!

The shop must give you good memories of Japan!


Website: https://www.sakuraphotokimono.com/

2. Nadeshiko

Nadeshiko is located just in front of the entry gate of Hanayashiki, an amusement park in Asakusa.

Here, you can try not only to wear a kimono, but also experience a tea ceremony!

Wearing a favorite kimono and having tea, you’ll have gorgeous moments there!

The English website is very easy to read.

Have a look!


Website: http://www.hanayashiki.net/shops/nadeshiko/e/


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3. Asakura 7 Henge

It’s a secondhand kimono store, located on Hanayashiki-dori street.

You can try to wear a kimono, and buy a kimono and kimono-related goods at a reasonable price!

There are some bilingual staff members at the shop, and the website is partly written in English.

Feel free to make an inquiry!


Website: http://www.asakusa-7henge.com/#


4. Cocomo

This is a rental kimono shop which makes you feel at home.

It’s easy to access: only 30 seconds walk away from Kaminari-mon gate or Senso-ji temple!

I recommend the shop to those who are interested not only in wearing a kimono but also in transforming yourself to an oiran, a maiko, a geisha, a samurai and a kabuki actor!

Not many Japanese try to wear what these people wear.

It’s worth trying!


Website: http://www.cocomo1.net/maiko/english.html



How was it?

I hope you have a wonderful memory to wear kimonos in the cultural center of Tokyo, Asakusa!




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