Have you been to ‘Hateruma Island’ in the southernmost of Japan?; There are 6 reasons that this island is called ‘Paradise’

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Do you know ‘Hateruma Island’? It has one of the most beautiful beaches in Japan, ‘Nishi Beach’, also it’s well-known as a island which is the nearest to starry sky. This introduces ‘Hateruma Island’ gaining tremendous popularity among tourists.

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Hareruma Island remains enchanting to visitors

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Hateruma Island is located for a hour from Ishigaki Island by high-speed ferry. Nowadays this island is becoming well attended due to ‘Nishi Beach’ was crowned the first prize in the most beautiful beach in Japan.

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Although there are many islands around there, such as Takatomi and Kohama, the majority of tourists strikingly recommend this island. Why does this island attract people?

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1. The scenery of traditional Okinawa is still left48767a0442cd4-e372-4b35-bf0e-fbcf6140f437_m

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Visitors have a nice time to come into contact with Okinawa’s traditions, since the rest of area there don’t change resorts unlike other island. To across the road surrounding sugarcane fields, you run into goats and other creatures.

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The size of this island is as big as for one hour by bike. However this is hilly, so that you utilize electric bicycle or motor bike rather than ordinary bicycle.487670651ae7e-8dce-4f6a-acef-df94978b74b4_l
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Everywhere you come across unique manholes cute and stylish pictures are drawn.


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2. Nishi Beach which has a magnificent view like jewelry4876704cfbc30-fc38-41fc-af59-6d94bda47d1c_m

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According to a research implemented by Trip Advisor, ‘Nishi Beach’ in Hateruma Island won the first place among all Japanese beaches. There are not few people to migrate here due to the attraction of this beach and sea.48767d02a5690-606d-430e-a5cf-4510be97534d_m
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The color of sea in Hateruma Island is not emerald green and turquoise blue, just called ‘Hateruma blue’. The wonderful scenery of this sea suddenly comes into your eyes while riding bicycle. As a result, this beauty provides you a unforgettable memory.487677dbf3029-cbb1-4415-9131-eb89daa07b32_m
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You can watch many fishes and coral without snorkeling due to the visibility. At high tide, there is a possibility you bump into sea turtle!48767fb10cb97-4ae6-49d0-9836-0eea614873a4_m
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The airport has been set, so that people could come to Hateruma Island by airplane before. Fortunately, the reconstruction of this facility has been already started lately, a flight to this island will probably be used by 2020 when Tokyo Olympic will be held. You’ll have a chance to look down Hateruma blue from flight soon.

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3. Island near a star-filled sky48767b7ec1175-fb6a-4ead-9a04-43dd60b8167e_m

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Hateruma Island in the southernmost of Japan is known as ‘the Southern Cross’ you watch. It’s sure that a star-filled sky gives you inner peace.487679c610d73-7d01-4de0-b99a-102f8f5b1dd3_m
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‘Starry Sky Tour’ you can learn astronomy while watching sky in the observation tower is held at night. This seminar t is quite interesting, so that you give it a go.4876744e02338-ba7b-4b33-a659-a7964151763b_m
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In the case that you’d like to watch this wonderful view, you keep away from the period before and after 3 days from full moon. Please go to Hateruma Island on the day of crescent moon.

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4. The luxurious accommodation that commands the panoramic view of Nishi Beach4876721b12685-ce4c-4765-a7db-5c09b97bf0fe_m

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Although there’re some accommodations like small hotels and guest houses, the recommended lodgment is ‘Pension Southernmost’ in front of Nishi Beach.48767c785923e-2b8e-440c-8033-755c6bc33681_m
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The scene of this beach from a room there is surprisingly awesome in spite of relatively expensive price than others. On the terrace, you would get a peace of mind.4876752b823ac-2301-4f42-88fa-0d93147c405c_m
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To involve in chatting, called ‘Yuntaku’, you might listen to shamisen concert. The reservation of this hotel during peak season should be earlier because vacant rooms disappear immediately.4876723db88c2-a775-4af9-89b6-d594e9f8870f_m
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On the rooftop, you can view the amazing starry sky.


5. Hateruma Island has a lot of compliments from tourists

What beautiful Nishi Beach is! It’s really astonishing! I feel too sad to leave here…, but I watched sea turtle finally! I’m so happy! 


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The purpose of this trip is to watch the Southern Cross, then I can watch it clearly. So this travel is really good! 


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Most people are attracted to ‘Hateruma Island’. It’s hard to come back to routines from this wonderful island…4876763b855d6-4055-4565-a71e-7abc0f8d08b9_m
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6. The high-speed ferry is overwhelmingly powerful487674a883f5d-fea5-4eed-85e6-853b606b0eb4_m

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This ferry which is affected by wave makes you seasick, so that people who tend to get seasickness would better to take medicine to prevent motion sickness.4876706625099-5409-4365-be69-4446af2e7ba8_m
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The ratio of cancellation is higher because it can’t travel causing of the level of waves which exceeds 1.5m. Sometimes visitor don’t turn to a original place for 1 week. Someone was unwilling to stay there, and then there are some cases that those persons got engagement with local people.


In this summer, the destination of your vacation is Hateruma Island48767838f3ac0-6f85-4fdb-b192-b77aab507951_m

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The resort like other islands has though never been there, Hateruma Island gives you inner peace through the Mother Nature. The majority of local people are friendly, so that you aren’t reluctant to talk to them if you want.

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