Traditional summer dishes in Okinawa

Have you ever seen an Okinawan cuisine that many small fishes placed on tofu ? It is called ‘Sukugarasu’ in Okinawan language. ‘Suku’ is this fish’s name and ‘garasu’ means ‘salted fish’.
Fish’s scientific name is Siganus fuscescens and in English it is called ‘mottled spinefoot’.
‘Sukugarasu’ is a a seasonal tradition that tells you summer has come.
Although you can enjoy sukugarasu whole year, in summer you can eat suku in raw.

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Every year a day with spring tide in July and August, a school of small suku swim to sea grass beds in Okinawan island and islands of Amami. Fishermen wait this moment to catch fish, before the fish eat seagrass is the timing. After they eat seagrass , their body smells and does not taste good any more, so fisherman wait number of ‘suku’ swim to their nets.


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