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History of Okinawa You Should Know Before You Visit!!

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Okinawa is very popular as a tourist area to visit. Once you visit here, I am sure you are going to obsess with attractions of Okinawa.


Okinawa is one of a prefecture in Japan. It is surrounded by beautiful natures and ocean. About 160 islands make Okinawa and it is included 48 uninhabited islands.


The following is brief history of Okinawa you should know before you visit!!

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1 Origin

2 Ryukyu Kingdom

3 Ryukyu Kingdom to Okinawa

4 Influenced by World War II

5 Summery




1 Origin



Refer to this site: http://joy-trip.jp/1931



As I mentioned above about 160 islands make Okinawa. However, those islands were used to connect with continent till about ten thousand years ago. It is unknown that where the first people came from to Okinawa, but it is sure that people arrived to islands to followed animals. Original people who lived in Okinawa islands are said to live at the seaside eating fishes.




2 Ryukyu Kingdom



Refer to this site: http://reki4.com/00226.html



After long period of living near the ocean, people shifted to agricultural culture. At the same time, there are some leaders, named “Aji” for the each community appeared. In 1429, Shouhaji who was one of the “Aji“ for a community unified all the communities into one community. This is the beginning of Ryukyu Kingdom.


3 Ryukyu Kingdom to Okinawa



Refer to this site: https://retrip.jp/articles/1855/



During the Meiji era, Japan established a new government. Ryukyu Kingdom collapsed by new government. This was the beginning of Okinawa prefecture.


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4 World War



Refer to this site: https://www.tripadvisor.jp/ShowUserReviews-g1023466-d1373513-r243207557-The_Tower_of_Himeyuri-Itoman_Okinawa_Prefecture_Kyushu_Okinawa.html#UR243207557



Okinawa was influenced by WWⅡ.


During WWⅡ, some airfields were built in everywhere in Okinawa by U.S Army. In addition, U.S Army conquered all the islands and lots of Okinawan people were killed. Many Okinawans killed themselves such as by jumping from cliffs. Himeyurinotou is the famous story of Okinawans who were forced to die against their will.


After WWⅡ, Okinawa changed to under the rule of the U.S in 1945. It was been 27 years until Okinawa was back to under the rule of Japan.


Food, Music, Culture, and Language,,, everything in Okinawa are influenced by the U.S Army since then.




5 Summery


Refer to this site: http://local.smt.docomo.ne.jp/travel/ordermade/detail.php?purpose=okinawa



Okinawa has different histories from other prefecture in Japan. Okinawa is part of Japan now, however, some people from Okinawa consider themselves as Okinawan not Japanese. This happens due to their historical background.


You could still see how much Okinawa is influenced by U.S.

I would like you to feel and enjoy their original culture when you visit Okinawa!


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