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  2. Three popular base makeup items for having a small face!

Three popular base makeup items for having a small face!


For many of Japanese women, having a small face is a great longing, because it is regarded as an indispensable element in beauty.
So, many of them take a lot of time and efforts to look their faces smaller, by making up.
Here, for those who long for a small face, I’m going to introduce three base makeup items which are popular among Japanese women and look your face smaller and beautiful.
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(1) alpha net – rms beauty luminizer


Refer to the site: https://www.biteki.com/make-up/make-up-face-catalog/base-makeup/185582

It has a three-dimensional effect on your face, and it looks your face skin glossy and healthy.

(2) Ida Laboratory – canmake shading powder



It’s not expensive at all, but works very well.
Users say that it has great compatibility, looks their face naturally small.
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(3) IPSA – designing face color pallet



A beauty adviser at a shop chooses a suitable shading and highlighting powders, so you won’t have a color you won’t use in a pallet.
Using it, you can make up effectively for a smaller face.
How was it?
Let’s try one of them, if you would like to have a small face but don’t know what to do!
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