The Best Three Hotels for Miyanosita Hot Spring of Hakone Seven Hot Springs

Hakone hot spring is located in Hakone city, Ashiduka county, Kanagawa prefecture. It has seven hot springs named Miyanoshita, Ashinoyu, Tonosawa, Hakoneyumoto, Sokokura, Dogajima and Kiga.They are called as Hakone shitiyu (It means seven hot springs in Hakone).


Hideyoshi Toyotomi visited Hokone hot spring and it flourished as the hot spring alongside Tokaido street in Edo era since it opened in Nara era (It was around 700 A.D.). As you see, it is the historical hot spring many people feel affection for. Out of Hakone seven hot springs, Miyanoshita has particularly many nostalgic buildings and amazing tourist spots. Many visitors stay in Miyanoshita as the hub site of their trips.
This time, I would like to tell you the best three hotels in Miyanoshita hot spring. They are highly evaluated after all.


Japanese inns in Miyanoshita hot spring are relatively luxurious compared to average hot spring inns. Not a few hotels cost 25,000 yen at least as hotel charges, even though it is the cheapest. You may need more than 70,000 yen to stay high-class hotels. During foliage season and the year change period, the hotel charges soar so you bear it in mind.

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The First Fujiya Hotel


Many celebrities has visited and stayed in this hotel after it opened in 1878. Fujiya hotel represents Miyanoshita. The gorgeous and classical appearance of building makes you feel long history. Once you enter the building, you are surrounded by elegant and dignified atmosphere.

It has five buildings called honkan, seiyokan, hanagoden, forestkan and kyumiyanoshita goyotei kikukaso. They have different designs each so you can choose your favourite type of the room.

Private bath is all made by cypress in Kikukaso built as the villa for royal family. The hot water in the bath is installed by the hot spring source of the facility. So, it was good for me with preference with special water.

You enjoy having French dishes in a main dining room, “The Fujiya”, which is registered as the tangible cultural asset. The taste of the French cuisine has been passed over generations since it opened. You also recognise coffered ceilings, vivid pictures and sculptures with alpine plants on pillars and floors while you eat French meals which chefs do their best to cook. If you are not good at the French cuisine, you have Japanese seasonal special course dinner in Kikukaso while you enjoy watching a Japanese garden.


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The Second Hakoneginyu


You can see Hakone mountains and Hayakawa valley filled in nature from this Japanese traditional inn. The inn values “Omotenashi” which means Japanese hospitality and it attracts many tourists.

All corridors are floored by tatami so you can wander in the building without any shoes. You do not have to don or don off shoes. I could spend really relaxing time with bare feet.

Kaiseki dishes with flesh ingredients are served in your room so you do not need to go to an other room. Because all rooms have a bed room and dining room each, you do not have to be concerned that you sleep and have meals in same place.

Open-air bathes are installed in all rooms and you are able to enjoy different bathes depended on room types. You are not bothered by strangers and spend your own time.

You can stretch your legs with Mt.Hakone view in “Mori no infinity buro” which is a public bath.


The third Siki No Yuzashiki Musashino Bekkan


All rooms of Musashino bekkan located on a hill in Miyanoshita are floored by tatami so you can relax without shoes. There are various types of rooms and they have distinctive features. For example, it has suite rooms with 120 square meters, special rooms with rock gardens and guest rooms with cypress bathes.

Dinner and breakfast you can have in a room mainly consist of flesh sea foods caught in sagami bay. You are able to enjoy seafood even in the midst mountain. You should check out Yunohana Tofu served in a breakfast as a special dish of the hotel.

Another feature in the hotel is to have many kinds of public bathes. They are called each Tangonoyu, Dakotsunoyu, Hinanoyu and Kozuenoyu. You have relaxing time with different types of them. Private bathes are recommended for those who spend comfortable time without strangers.


I introduced the best three hotels. They offer different types of meals and bathes, which enables you to have good time there. You are able to amble in the traditional hot spring city. I hope it helps you a lot to choose an inn!
This article is translated from Japanese to English.
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