Leading to old age?! 5 wrong summer skin care methods

01068Summer is harsh season for our skin because of ultraviolet rays or heat. Besides we often miss drying of the skin in summer, so it’s such season when skin aging can be  accelerated. It’s time to reconsider our skin care methods now to fight against summer.

This time we’ll show you some wrong summer skin care methods, which could lead you to old age.

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1. Oil-free skin care

It’s oily and sweaty in summer due to high sebum secretion and sweat secretion. You may want to use the items which give refreshing feeling to the skin. But it’s not good to use such oil-free products. Stickiness on your skin doesn’t mean that your skin is moisturized.

Let’s try to balance the moisture and the oil; using milky lotion as booster, not using it as finishing; changing moisture cream to the one which has light texture.


2. Lukewarm water washing

If you care about your dry skin, you need to change your morning face-wash. Especially facial cleansers can make your skin more dry, so we need to use it carefully.

If you worry about your dry skin, there’s an effective method like “Lukewarm water washing”, but there’s also a risk in that method; the oxidized sebum due to air or dust

cannot removed by such washing during the summer season, when sebum secretion is really active.

So be more careful about not leaving oxidized sebum or dirt on your skin; use facial cleansers; if you care about your dry skin, use milky lotion to clean the sebum and dirt and take it off by steaming towel or cosmetic cotton pads soaked with purified water.


3. Wipe off your make up during bath time

Summer skin is subject to active sebum secretion and ultraviolet rays. So if you leave your makeup still on your skin even after you come home, your skin gets more damages.

So it’s important to wipe off your make up soon after you come home. Make-up Remover is convenient to remove your make up speedy, so it’s worth to always have it ready.

4. Apply sunscreen lightly and evenly on whole face

In order to make your skin beauty, healthy and ageless, it’s so important to protect your skin from strongly pouring ultraviolet rays. You need to put sunscreen even if you are in side rooms, because ultraviolet rays do come through window glass.

Use sunscreen with proper quantity on instruction or put 500-yen coin size of sunscreen if there’s no instruction.

It’s not good to apply sunscreen lightly on your skin; Effectiveness of sunscreen can be weakened by putting it by your hands many times.

When you put sunscreen, put it and tap it quickly on your skin. It’s important to put sunscreen frequently; not only in the morning, but also when you feel your make up is coming off.


5. Use oil blotting paper too much

You may have trouble with easily loosing makeups in summer due to high sebum secretion. But don’t absorb your facial oil too much by oil blotting paper. or something.

Sebum serves as natural moisturizer. If you try to take it off too much, your skin will try to get more oil to moisturize itself.

When you find your skin oily, just put sponge or tissue on your oily skin. And use makeup base, which has long-lasting effects.


Why don’t you reconsider your skin care methods to hold back aging?

Reference: https://www.b-lab.jp/ambassador/01068/

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