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  2. Programing Toy: Leaning and Playing at the Same Time From 3 Years Old, Now Launched in Japan!!

Programing Toy: Leaning and Playing at the Same Time From 3 Years Old, Now Launched in Japan!!



Skill of programing is necessary for us living in high technology societies nowadays. High expectation for future programmers



Human resources development of programmers is challenge for countries all over the world and the necessity of educations for programmers are getting higher now.

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Refer to this site: http://tabi-labo.com/279513/cubetto-primo



At first glance, it is just a regular wooden box with cute face. However, this is a robot that even 3 years old kids could practice programming.



Programming by building blocks




Refer to this site: http://tabi-labo.com/279513/cubetto-primo



The secret of this programming toy is this board.



There are four different colors panels, which are green, yellow, red, and blue and each has own functions. Green is go forward. Yellow is go left side. Red is go right side. Blue is action. It is possible to assigning action of robot by putting them into the hollows at the surface. By pushing the blue panel, robot starts to move as you programming.


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Let the Robot Moves on the Map!!



Refer to this site: http://tabi-labo.com/279513/cubetto-primo



Your kids don’t have to look up screen or remember some typing!

They could lean programming just by playing with this wooden toy!!

In order to make this toy more attractive, it comes with story book and picture map.




Raising Bright Future Programmers!!!



Refer to this site: http://tabi-labo.com/279513/cubetto-primo



The price is 29,600 yen (+tax). It is kind of pricy as a toy for kids but think about it, it is cheap seeing as a programming robot!



It is going to be a great gift for 3 years old future programmers!!



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