Great Base Make-Up Item! BB Cream and CC Cream TOP 5 (You Might Not Need to Put Foundation From Today!!)

There are so many kinds of base make-up items nowadays and people tend to seek the one with great covering and controlling effect.



Having all great effects combined in a base make-up item is absolute requirement for it.

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No 5 Maikohan BB Cream SPF35 PA+++

(2 Color Variations/ 25g/ 1350 yen for each) / Tokiwa Yakuhin Kougyo



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Once you put this BB cream on your face, your skin changes to very soft and smooth silky skin within only 3 seconds!!



It could make your skin looks like you put foundation and powder by only put this cream on! It makes your skin look very natural but cover all color spotting and bumps.



No 4 Point Magic PRO Poa Cover SPF23 PA+++ (15g / 1300 yen)/ Kuroryudo



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This item covers all pores in your skin!



You might not need to put foundation after putting this cream.

This cream makes your skin very smooth and flat.

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No 3 Lanarey Prism CC Cream SPF50+ PA++++ (3 Color Variations / 30g / 3500 yen for each) / Jay Waker



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You don’t need to put any toner, moisturizer, UV cream, cover-up cream, concealer, foundation, and powder.



This Lanarey Prism CC Cream has all effects in one!


You just need to put this cream on and you can go outside. This is timesaving and super easy.




No 2 Maquillage Dramatic Skin Censer Base UV SPF25 PA +++ (25ml / 2600 yen) / Shiseido



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This cream perceives the moisture and sebum on your skin.

It adjusts the amount of moisture on your skin and prevents deterioration in automatic.



This cream is great for who has dry skin.




No 1 Attenir BB Cream SPF30 PA+++ (2 Color Variations / 30g / 2000 yen for each)



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This cream works great for dull skin. It contains pure pink color and this makes lighter your skin torn.


Of course, it covers skin spots and freckles but still skin looks very natural and healthy.


I really recommend this cream for ladies who are having trouble with your bad complexion.





Japanese make-up items are very advanced. You should try one of them! You might surprise about how high quality of those cosmetic by using them!

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