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  2. Lift-Up your Face By Using “Re Fa Carat” in a Correct Way!

Lift-Up your Face By Using “Re Fa Carat” in a Correct Way!



“Re Fa Carat” is now must item for beautiful ladies. Everyone has one or wants to have one.


“Re Fa Carat” is a great item to lift-up and shape-up your face line just by rolling over and over! It is really easy to use, however, you need to use it correctly in order to get better result faster!


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“Re Fa Carat” is not just a face roller like you could get at 100-yen shop. It is popular because there is a solar panel inside of the face roller and micro (weak) current occurs from this panel. It is possible to have beautiful face line and makes your face smaller easier by micro current.



The point for using this face roller is roll over your face line.



Don’t put too much pressure when you roll it. It is important to do it carefully!




I will introduce procedure of using Re Fa Carat in a correct step!




STEP 1 Push Roller Little to Under Your Chin


Refer to this site: https://letronc-m.com/855


STEP 2 Roll It Toward to the Under Your Ears From Chin


Refer to this site: https://letronc-m.com/855

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STEP 3 Roll It Toward to the Ears From The Corner of Your Mouth


Refer to this site: https://letronc-m.com/855


STEP 4 Push Roller Little to Your Cheek


Refer to this site: https://letronc-m.com/855




STEP 5 Roll It Toward to the Temple From Nose


Refer to this site: https://letronc-m.com/855





Put one of the rollers under your chin, push toward to up little bit, then, roll it to under your ears.

Then, roll from the corner of your mouth to under your ears.

Then, push roller to your cheek and roll toward to up.

Roll it from nose to the temple at the end.



Refer to this site: https://letronc-m.com/855



We tend to push hard when we use face roller to make our face line more shaped.


However, the tip to make your face line beautiful is roll the face roller carefully and gently.


We could purchase it on your behalf.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!! 



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