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The popular restaurants in Haneda airport terminal 2 Top 3

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Would you like to have a meal in popular restaurant before going to travel to all over the country from Haneda Airport?  Haneda Airport in capital city, which has continued to steadily to development, will find many people because of the goodness of its location. However, being  hungry doesn’t let enjoy not only work, but also journey. So, we introduce a delicious restaurant in terminal 2 of Tokyo domestic Airport.

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1.ACACIA Haneda airport terminal 2 branch

Since its inception in 1963, unchanged made to continue that, “Acacia” specialty roll cabbage stew is available. In addition, scallop cream croquettes, hashed rice and super spicy curry rice is popular.

Roll cabbage stew is including gently thickened cream soup,and a lot of cabbage within meat that is a taste of old-fashioned Western. Because with taste is strong, this is perfect for a side dish of rice. To eat delicious rice with roll cabbage stew, it’s very nice before boarding.

Scallop cream croquettes also recommended in popularity. Let’s try to order together here.


In “Castel Mora”, you can have grilled dishes and authentic Italian dishes using charcoal fire. Also, there is linked to the roof deck,so the view is the best for restaurants.
The dishes that good chewing pizza which baked in a stone oven and pasta, the meat which grilled with charcoal, have been provided well. Weekdays (11: 00-18: 00) in the Happy Hour (Happy bubble) are also available, a sparkling wine will be served in the 200 yen.  The lunch menu is also recommended, so it’s nice to go in afternoon.

3.MATAKOIYA Haneda airport 2 branch

“Matakoiya” is a sushi shop that be in Tsukiji. This is at the standing eat style, chef in front of the counter cooks the sushi for us. Food for sushi keeps so fresh and reasonable, please be here even when takes a meal or a refreshment.

Originally, there is famous for tuna. Not only sushi which cooks by chef each one, but also the menu called “Tuna Zukushi” that enjoy eating many types of tuna well. The shop is also in terminal 1, so you can enjoyed in either terminals.


Well, it’s difficult to consider where is good. Before going out you get on an airplane, or when it was stuck in the way back, You will satisfy to find restaurants in Haneda Airport. This time, regardless of travel or business trip, you might come to Haneda Airport only for a meal.

Reference: http://find-travel.jp/article/10753

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