Unexpectedly convenient! ‘Electric Bicycle rental’ which costs 150 yen per a half hour helps you go back home if you missed the last train.

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In a case that the distance is as far as neither by train nor on foot, an electric bicycle rental ‘Chokuru’ is suitable. This service is really convenient to use for working and travelling casually.

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Travelling to the section between Shibuya and Ryogoku by ‘Chokuru’

The red bicycle looks like the bicycle sharing in London. These bicycles are ‘Chokuru’ used for a trip from Shibuya to Ryogoku, and vice versa. Actually this system is unusual in Japan, thus I’ll explain in terms of this bicycle rental.


What’s bicycle sharing system?

Although bicycle rental is that user must return it to an original place, bicycle sharing is that they can return anywhere as long as it’s a certain spot.

In other words, this bicycle is really convenient due to you don’t need to concern about where you return.


Don’t care about the last train

‘Chokuru’ is available for 24h, except some spots. Thus it doesn’t matter that to time you can use this to go anywhere! If you miss the last train, you could come back to your house without any concerns.


Possible to Cross Chiyoda-ku, Chuo-ku, Minato-ku and Koto-ku by ‘Chokuru’

Since 1st of February in this year, areas in which you can use this service has been staring expanding into Chiyoda-ku, Chuo-ku, Minato-ku and Koto-ku on trial.

The visitors enjoy sight-seeing from Tokyo Sta. to Tokyo Tower by ‘Chokuru’. If you want to know more details, please refer to the map in terms of this service spots.


To belong to membership, it would be more convenient

‘Chokuru’ which is really good for shopping and working because of the rules that users don’t need to return it to original spots is more useful if you affiliate the membership. Through the website, you can check any information, such as parking, price and use details. Further the price of first 30 minutes is free for monthly paid member.


Environmentally friendly and healthy effects

The price starts from 15o yen per 30 minutes. Of course there’re other options that are monthly payment and 1-day ticket you choose to your plan. For people who usually use a car and rarely exercise, please try it!


The number of bicycle sharing has constantly been increasing

Nowadays, bicycle rental and bicycle sharing are rapidly gaining the popularity, though the systems are different in accordance of areas.



Kyoto is one of the most famous spots for visitors. Using this service gives you unusual experiences unlike an ordinary trip with public transportation.


Taketomi Island

This island is quite famous site around Okinawa because there’re still Okinawa’s traditions which are registered by important cultural property. So that the recommendation of traveling way is to use bicycle in order to enjoy the scenery of island.


How is it?

‘Chokuru’ is environmentally friendly and healthy for your fitness, ergo you please get around anywhere by it. But don’t forget to confirm where service center is in advance!


Name: Chokuru

URL: http://docomo-cycle.jp/chiyoda/

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