“Shin Godzilla” Tamagawa Sengen Shrine for The Scene of Taba Strategy

“Shin Godzilla”, the latest movie of Godzilla series is released for the first time in twelve years. Many people may visit shooting places because they are located in Tokyo. This time I would like to recommend you Tamagawa Sengen shrine where is the combat operation centre of the Taba strategy in the movie. It is called Mr. Ujigami of Denenchofu (It means the god in the area). And also, it is known as having benefits to family harmony and easy delivery. Of course It is good to visit there with your family as Godzilla holy place.

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The Venue for The Taba Strategy on Shin Godzilla

In the movie, the Taba strategy is carried out by the self-defense force to prevent Godzilla from invading urban areas around Tokyo. Tamagawa Sengen shrine is selected as the advance guard operation centre. According to staffs of Shin Godzilla, they could not receive any design layouts of operation centres, so they collected as many pictures as possible to choose the shooting location.

The shrine had built in 1190. It had taken five years. Masako Fojo, the wife of Yoritomo Minamoto was wounded on her legs when she pursued him who went war because she worried about him. When she was healed by her legs in Mt. Kikko neighbouring Tamagawa river, she saw Mt. Fuji. Because of that, she prayed “Sengen shrine” which is her patron god in Fujiyoshida and built Syokanzeon statue. Village dwellers started revering it as the Fujiasamabosatsu and it is the origin of the shrine.


Same Angle in One of The Movie Scenes!

The scene members of the Taba strategy head for the operation centre was shot in the stone stairs to the entrance of the shrine and the main building. It is easy to take a walk because tall trees prevent direct sun rays. You find “Komitakesekison Great Tengu and Small Tengu” written on a stone monument on the way to the main building. In addition, you can overlook residential area in Denenchofu in the shade of trees. Because it is the same angle when you overlook the area from above, it makes you feel excited.

The Main Building of Valuable Sengen Two-tiered Shrine Style in Tokyo
The current main building was built in 1973. It has a pale blue-green colour roof, which is vivid and brilliant. It is unique as the shrine building because it was built by the Sengen style. You can watch the style only there in Tokyo. The enshrined god is called Konohanasakuyahimenomikoto. It is famous for Japanese myth. The god is for family harmony and easy delivery. Many pregnant women visit there when it is inu no hi. (It is the day to come once dozen days in Japanese schedule.)

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The Roof of The Shrine Office Where You Can See Tama River.

The place the operation centre placed seems an observatory, but it is the actually shrine office. It is the best place to see Godzilla’s action, because it is spacious to look at the landscape of the riverbed of Tama river. And also, vivid red handrails are installed in the place. It is the popular site among the shrine to see the top of Mt. Fuji in a sunny day and panorama evening.

Maruko bridge is broken by Godzilla. It is chosen as “the top 100 bridges of Kanagawa” which are recommended by cities, villages and residents in Kanagawa. Some people are jogging and other people play football game in Maruko ground. The place has good atmosphere. However, I cannot help but imagine Godzilla may appear between skyscrapers when it is not good weather.


Tamagawa Sengen Shrine Should Be the Place You Go to One Time.

As you go around shrine, you can cross Maruko bridge and take a walk in Maruko bridge Ground on the other side of the shrine. The area is used for the scene which a number of tanks self-defense force belongs to form a line to attack Godzilla. There are many people who go to shooting places so let’s take care of residents around the shrine not to disturb them.

This article is translated from Japanese to English.
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