Sodium bicarbonate as toothpaste? The way to clean your teeth by sodium bicarbonate!


Some of you may know sodium bicarbonate is used for various purposes, such as, stomach medicine, baking powder and cleaning substance, and so forth.


Then, do you know that sodium bicarbonate can be used as toothpaste?

I’m sure you’ll be surprised at the effects that it has on your teeth, and interested in using it!


Today, I’m focusing on the way to prepare and use it for cleaning your teeth, and also telling you some merits and a few word of caution when you use it.


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1. How to use sodium bicarbonate as toothpaste?

There are two ways to prepare sodium-bicarbonate toothpaste; (1) that mixed with water, or (2) with edible glycerin made from vegetable.


(1) Sodium bicarbonate mixed with water


【materials】 Sodium bicarbonate ( for medical or cooking purposes) / water


There are three types of sodium bicarbonate (for industrial, medical and cooking purposes).

When you prepare sodium-bicarbonate toothpaste, be sure to use one for medical or cooking purposes, which are fine and suitable for toothpaste.


【how to make】

– Add some drops of water to a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate powder

– Stir it until it becomes sticky like commercially available toothpaste


(2) Sodium bicarbonate mixed with edible glycerin made from vegetable


【materials】Sodium bicarbonate (for medical or cooking purposes) / edible glycerin made from vegetable / (mint essential oil)


Here, you also need to use sodium bicarbonate for medical or cooking purposes because of its fineness.

Vegetable glycerin is widely used for ointment and basic skincare products as a moisturizer.

You have to pay attention to buying edible one.


【how to make】

– Mix two parts sodium bicarbonate to one part the glycerin.

If you put a few drops of essential oil with mint flavor, it smells like commercially available toothpaste.


Of course you can try various essential oil to make your original toothpaste!


When you have made sodium-bicarbonate toothpaste, let’s clean your teeth with it!

Here’s the way to use it.


– Scoop some amount of the sodium-bicarbonate toothpaste with a finger, and put it on your teeth.

– Apply it to your teeth, and leave it for about 10 minutes.

– Brush them tenderly with a soft-bristled toothbrush  

– Rinse your mouth




2. The merits to use sodium bicarbonate as toothpaste

There are several merits to brush your teeth using sodium bicarbonate.


(1) It’s safe for our bodies!

Sodium bicarbonate does no harm to human body, and you don’t need to add anything unnecessary to toothpaste you make from sodium bicarbonate.

In contrast to it, some commercially available toothpastes contain surface acting agent, which cannot be said as a good material for it.


(2) It can prevent from having decayed teeth!

Decayed teeth result from oral hazardous bacteria, which generate acid that dissolves teeth.

Sodium bicarbonate, which pH is around 8, has an effect to neutralize the acid and prevent from tooth decay.


(3) It re-calcifies initial caries!

All people have oral hazardous bacteria in their mouths.

They take protein from the remains of the foods you ate, and emit some acid.

So, all people have a risk of having decayed teeth but not all people have them, because salvia promotes to bring calcium to teeth and to re-calcify them.

Sodium bicarbonate works to weaken acidity in a mouth, and it enhances re-calcification of teeth.

On the process, initial caries can restore to its former state in some cases.


(4) It prevents bad breath!

When oral hazardous bacteria break down food debris in a mouth, they generate volatile sulfur compounds, which is the cause of bad breath.

It is an acid substance, so can be neutralized by alkali sodium bicarbonate.

As a result of the neutralization, you can prevent bad breath by cleaning the inside of your mouth with sodium bicarbonate.


(5) It makes teeth brighter!

Sodium bicarbonate has a polishing effect, and it can remove stains on teeth and make teeth white.


(6) It can clean a gum and tongue!

For the polishing effect, it can remove dirts on surface of gum and tongue.


(7) It doesn’t cost a lot!

Some toothpaste without harmful substances sometimes cost a lot.

However, sodium-bicarbonate toothpaste made by yourself doesn’t cost a lot.

Don’t you think it’s nice to spend less and clean your teeth with safer substances?



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3.  Demerits to use sodium-bicarbonate toothpaste

When you use sodium-bicarbonate toothpaste, you need to pay attention to the demerits mentioned below.


(1) Polishing effect

The polishing effect that sodium bicarbonate has is so strong that it is often used for cleaning.

Because of this, you may hurt tooth enamel if you brush your teeth strongly.

In fact, if tooth enamel hurts, it has bad effects on your teeth.


– Sensory sensitivity

When tooth enamel hurts, stimulus tends to be transmitted directly to nerve, which makes your teeth smart from cold drinks.


– Yellowing of your teeth

When your teeth are polished too much and some parts of your teeth lose enamel, they look yellow because the dentine, which color is yellow, is exposed.

Once your teeth enamel has damage, it’s difficult to regenerate it.

So, be sure not to brush your teeth hard!


– Buildup of tartar

When teeth are being re-calcified, dental tartar generates on the process.

Sodium bicarbonate neutralizes the inside of mouth, which enhances both re-calcification of teeth and production of dental tartar.

So, I recommend that you should brush your teeth more often than usual when you do sodium-bicarbonate tooth brushing.


(2) Ingestion of excessive quantities of salt

Literally, sodium bicarbonate contains natrium, and it is salty when you lick small amount of it.

For those who don’t have any health problem, you can use it as you usually use toothpaste.

However, for children or those who have a health problem and limit salt intake, it’s better not to use it every day.

In these cases, put a small amount of sodium bicarbonate on a toothpaste, and don’t brush teeth strongly.

Two to three times in a week are enough to use it for brushing teeth.



Now you know both merits and demerits of tooth brushing with sodium bicarbonate.

Even though there are demerits, some of you may want to use it for cleaning the inside of your mouth.

If so, it’s nice to gargle with 100cc of water in which a half teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate is dissolved.



4. Does sodium bicarbonate has whitening effect?

Yes, you can expect whitening effect, doing tooth brushing with sodium bicarbonate.

As is mentioned above, it works to remove dirty enamel, and to promote re-calcification of your teeth, which generates new white enamel.

If you want to make it more effective, add a crushed strawberry to sodium bicarbonate toothpaste!

The acid of the strawberry enhances the effect of eliminating stains from your teeth!


Here, please remember that sodium bicarbonate has a strong polishing effect.

And also keep it always in mind that enamel won’t come back on your teeth once it comes off.

Choose a soft toothbrush, and brush teeth gently once a week.




How was it?

Did you get interested in the positive effects that sodium bicarbonate toothpaste give to you?

Always paying attention not to brush your teeth strongly, have healthier and brighter teeth!


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