Have a surprising effect! The way to use sodium bicarbonate spray


Do you like cleaning?


For those who love it, I strongly recommend to you  sodium bicarbonate spray, which gives you great convenience when you do cleaning, and enables you to clean more ecologically, and is gaining more popularity in Japan!


Today, I’m giving you pieces of information about the way to make the spray and to use it.

I’m also explaining the differences among sodium bicarbonate spray, citric acid spray and alcohol spray, all of which are frequently used for cleaning but have different characteristics.


Referring to it, and clean your room more effectively!

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1. What is sodium bicarbonate spray? How effective it is?

One reason why people say “sodium bicarbonate spray is convenient for cleaning” is that it is a natural material and does no harm to us.

Because of this, it has been having more popularity as an eco-detergent.


Another reason of it is that sodium bicarbonate has an odor eliminating effect.

It can get rid of odor that an acid substance (eg; sweat) emits.

Some of you may remember an experiment that liquid becomes neutral when acid and alkali liquid is mixed.

Sodium bicarbonate is an alkali substance, which neutralizes an acid one and remove bad smells.

That’s the logic on an odor eliminating effect.



The cleaning effects of sodium bicarbonate spray differ from things you clean or the quality of dirt you want to take off.

So, knowing the characteristics of sodium bicarbonate spray will help you to do more convenient cleaning!



2. How to make sodium bicarbonate spray?

【materials】100cc of water (cold or at room temperature) / a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate powder / a spray bottle

【how to make】Put all materials in a spray bottle, and shake it until they are mixed.


How easy it is to make it!

If you prefer sodium bicarbonate spray with good scent, add two to three drops of favorite essential oil!

It will make your cleaning happier!


I don’t recommend that you store it more than a week.

This is because newer one has more odor eliminating effect.


When you spray clothes, white residue may remain.

In this case, you need to remove it by using a cleaner and so forth.


Sodium bicarbonate spray is good at removing some dirt, but not good at other.

In the following section I’m telling you for what kind of dirt it can remove effectively, and how to use the three different types of spray effectively for cleaning: sodium bicarbonate spray, citric acid spray and alcohol spray.


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3. How to use the three different types of spray effectively?

When people clean a room, not only sodium bicarbonate spray but also citric acid and alcohol spray are widely used.

The three have different characteristics, and knowing them will help you a lot to do more effective cleaning!



– Sodium bicarbonate spray

It is very good at removing grease-protein compounding dirt and odor that acid substances (eg; sweat) emit.

So, you can make use of it when cleaning around a kitchen.

Once you find oil dirt, spray and wipe it!

You can keep the kitchen always clean and bright with it.

It’s also effective to clean the inside of the microwave. With it, you don’t need to buy a pack of sheet for cleaning it at a supermarket anymore!



– Citric acid spray

It literally means that it is an acid spray, so it works well when you want to get rid of alkali dirt such as soap scum and mineralogical scale.

It’s also a natural material and safe to use.

When you clean things around a water section, for example, scam inside a pot and yellowing in a toilet, the spray gives you great convenience to you!



– Alcohol spray

Some of you may think what alcohol spray is about.

It’s anti-bacterial spray that you can find at drug stores, and made with ethanol.


Commercially available ethanol for sterilization at stores are usually diluted by purified water, and it’s ready to use after pouring into a spray bottle.

Because of this, I recommend it when you use alcohol spray, instead of anhydrous ethanol, which is highly volatile and has less anti-bacterial effect.


It’s useful when you clean clothes, carpets and some electric equipment, because you don’t need to wipe them for its volatility.

It also prevents things from getting moldy.


Though it’s very convenient to use for cleaning, you need to use it as quick as possible for the volatility

In addition, you have to be careful when you clean things around a kitchen.

It may catch fire!




How was it?

Sodium bicarbonate can be used not only by mixing with water but also making it like paste and pouring the powder directly on things you want to clean.

It may have more cleaning effect used with commercially available detergents.

You will not be upset when you are cleaning things but find that cleaning detergents run out.

For the first time you prepare the three sprays, you may feel it’s a bother to use them differently.

However, once you get accustomed to it, I’m sure you feel it’s not a bother at all!


I hope you have a happier cleaning!


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