Take a Look at Personality Types for Cats By the Colors and Patterns of Their Hair!!

In general speaking, most people think cats are self-willed and cold hearted. However, each cat has their own personalities and some of them are friendlier than dogs sometimes.

Do you know it is said to be personality types for cats are different by the colors and patterns of their hair for a very long time?

It is still middle of the research and not official, yet those are the personality types by each colors and patterns below.

It is of course, we cannot conclude that those are only their characteristics because their personalities depend on their nature and nurture as well, but it is useful to know those types as your knowledge.
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Red Tabby


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Red Tabby is very popular type of cats in Japan. We usually see this type of cats in the movies and comics a lot.

Surprisingly, almost all red tabbies are male, and they are very cheerful and friendly.



Brown Tabby


Refer to this site: http://dime.jp/genre/317670/2/



The largest number of cats is Brown Tabby in Japan!

There are two major patterns for their personality types. Type A is very friendly and type B is very cautiousness and ambitious. They like to workout a lot, so it is better to have a space to let them move around in house.





Refer to this site: http://dime.jp/genre/317670/2/



The first impression of Tortoiseshell is very cool and little bit mysterious. However, they are very calm and kind. Unlike Red Tabby, almost all tortoiseshells are female. Once they go in a bad mood, it may continue for a while.


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Refer to this site: http://dime.jp/genre/317670/2/



There is a superstition in Japan that some bad things happen if black cat passes across your way. Some people have negative impression to black cats, but it is said to be black cats are very friendly and quiet. They are known as very good at adjusting to environments and their owners.




Refer to this site: http://dime.jp/genre/317670/2/



Their basic characteristics are very cool and they have their own pace. They are also sensitive and delicate sometimes.



Russian Blue


Refer to this site: http://dime.jp/genre/317670/2/



It is said to be a personality of Russian Blue is between black and white. They are not good at express their feeling straight and sometimes they are staring at their owner stealthily. They are also stubborn sometimes.


Bicolor with Black & White


Refer to this site: http://dime.jp/genre/317670/2/



There are two different types of personality for Bicolor with Black & White. One is very smart and the other is very careless. They are not good at challenging new things and tend to be bossy in the house.

They are very cautiousness but they also like to play. It is important to communicate with them through playing together in order to make friendship with them.






Refer to this site: http://dime.jp/genre/317670/2/



It is said to be that almost all Calico are female.

Their maternal instincts are stronger than the other cats.

They tend to be very strong-willed and mysterious.



Refer to this site: http://peco-japan.com/51252


Those are generous personality types for cats. How was the personality of your cat?


Each cat has different characteristics based on those personality types. It is good opportunity to take a look at the relationship with your cat again based on this knowledge.

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