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Best Way to Wear a Tie for Job-Hunting!

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The most important thing when you have an interview for a job is first impression. Get a better first impression by choosing best color and way to wear tie. Most popular suits colors for job-hunting in Japan are dark blue, black, and gray. I will introduce the best way to wear tie for these suits.

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The Best Color and How to wear a Tie

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The best tie colors to wear for job interview are Red and Blue. Red color represents passion and proactivity. Blue color represents integrity and intelligence.   Does The Patterns of Tie make Change Your First Impression?   It is better to choose stripe, check, or dot pattern ties for your job-hunting interview.


Stripe tie makes your first impression more fresh and cheerful!

Dot Pattern

Dot Pattern tie makes your first impression elegant.


Check tie makes your first impression bright and fashionable.


Plain tie makes your first impression sophisticated.


The simple and normal style of wear tie is the best for job-hunting interview. Adjust a tie toward to your neck after you put it. Put the dimple at the end in directly.

Material and Thickness of Tie

Refer to this site:http://yajibee.com/post-2356/

The best thickness of tie for job-hunting interview is about 8cm(±0.5cm). It is going to be little bit too casual if ties are too skinny.





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What Interviewers Check During Interview?


Again, the first impression on your job-hunting interview is very important! Not only the style of dress clothes affects first impression, but also hairstyles, facial expressions, and movements affect as well. Interviewer started to watch when you open the door and come inside the room till you sit down on a chair. Now, there is a question. What the interviewer watches about you?   1 Whether you suit this company or not.   2 Whether he (or she) wants to work with you or not.   3 Whether you are able to fit this company and co-workers or not.

To Do List for Right Before you go for Job-hunting Interview

Check yourself one more time before you go for job-hunting interview with mirror!   □ is there any wrinkle or stain on your suits? □ did you ironing your shirts? □ did you do your hair set? □ is your tie look fine? □ is there any stain on your shirts? □ did you polish your shoes? □ do you have bag? (and other things you need to bring?) □ did you clip your nails? □ did you shave your beard? □ are you smiling? (and don’t forget it!)   In addition, one more important thing for first impression is cleanness. You might use same suits and shirts during job-hunting but keep them clean and maintain well.

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