A wrong way to sit on a chair may lead to lumbago! How to do desk work without having lumbago.


Your lower back have more burden when you are sitting than standing.

For those who work at office usually spend most of their time to do desk work.

This work style needs to be in one position too long, which may lead to have a backache or stiff shoulders.

If you feel you have lumbago, you will have a more serious health problem.

So, you need to care your lower back when you find you have lumbago.


Today, I’m introducing some information about lumbago that results from desk work at office.

I’m also focusing on the ways to prevent from having lumbago even though you need to sit longer in front of your desk.

See it, and have more comfortable days at office!




1. Don’t be careless about lumbago even though you sit on a chair!



Sitting on a chair for hours at your desk actually gives you great burden on the muscle around your lower back, which results in lumbago.

If the pressure on inter-vertebral disk while standing is taken as 100%, that while sitting is about 140%!

Many people mistakenly assume that standing is hard on their back, but sitting on a chair is indeed 1.4 times harder on their back.

Moreover, when you remain seated and lift something at your desk, the pressure on your back increases to 275%.

I strongly recommend that you should not lift something heavy such as a batch of papers while you sit on a chair.


In order to avoid having lumbago or more serious health conditions which result from office work, you always need to pay attention to maintain a correct posture.


Crossing legs and resting your chin in your hands may lead to body misalignment, or a visceral disease in a serious case.

Sitting on the edge of your chair or leaning against a backrest of a chair may make you feel comfortable, but these ways to sit give your back great burden.


The following section focuses the ways to sit which is kind to your lower back at office.





2. The ways to sit without hurting your back at desk



Firstly, sit back in your seat.

Do not lean against the back of the seat.

Held your head straight and put your chin down.

When your chin is put up, it burden your neck, resulting in a bad effect on your backbone, which causes lumbago.

Sit on a chair with your knees close together, and put your foot on the floor.

If there is too much space between a chair and a desk, it may impose the pressure on your back.


The way to sit mentioned above is the ideal posture for desk work at office.

However, when you feel tired, it’s nice to stretch your body for preventing lumbago.

If you think you can’t stretch your body because of the atmosphere at your office, just do it at a corridor or a restroom.

Doing something different from office work will not only refresh yourself but also reduce the risk of lumbago, and I recommend it to you!


Many of you may mind that you have a rounded back when you remain seated for office work.

It’s what you also need to be careful about, because rounded back not only worsens lumbago, but also imposes great pressure on your lower back.


It’s a nice choice to put a cushion or a thick towel between your back and the backrest of your seat.

They will let you know that you are having a rounded back, since they fall on your seat when your back is not on the correct posture.

Sitting on a higher chair may also bring you lumbago.

A bent-forward posture is a major cause of backache, and it can make you lose your good eyesight.

Thus, adjusting the height of your chair is an important point to prevent from having lumbago from office work.


In addition, it’s not good to stand up suddenly.

If you would like to minimize the pressure on your back, put both of your arms on your desk to support your body, then stand up not suddenly.




3. Air conditioner as a cause of lumbago?



In particular, for those who need to stay at an office where the air conditioner is too aggressive, you need to be more careful about lumbago, because cold temperature may causes lumbago.

If you suffer from the cold temperature at office but need to do office work in a whole day, warming around your back by a blanket or applying a warm compress work well to lessen a back pain.

It reduces the risk of lumbago to soak yourself in a hot bath to warm yourself.




How was it?

Lumbago affects the way to walk in a bad way, and as a result poses various problems for your daily life.

Reform the way to sit, use a right chair and something that helps you to keep a correct posture at desk.

I hope you have a more comfortable day at office without suffering from lumbago!